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Flexible Styling with Nordgreen + a Special Black Friday Discount.

21 November 2020 1 comment


With Black Friday 2020 just around the corner, it's the perfect time to get ahead with Christmas gifting, and I think a classic timepiece makes for a wonderful gift for ‘him’, ‘her’ or any loved one (inc. yourself) – especiallyyy as you can save 35% on your purchase during Black Friday through Cyber Monday with Nordgreen.

If I need say no more and you’re already desperate to snap up that watch you’ve been waiting for, go ahead and save here with code BARELY35.

You may well have seen a Nordgreen watch or two featured here on Barely There Beauty before - because I love them. Both F and myself wear ours proudly!

I've previously shared an in-depth guide to choosing your own watch, as well as an insight into Nordgreen's efforts in sustainability and ethics. The latter is one of the main reasons I love the brand, and why I’m so happy to continue to share their watches.

Today, I’m showing you some of my favourite pieces and taking you through their build-your-own styling process (definitely more fun than it ought to be).

One aspect of the buying process I love is that each component part of a Nordgreen watch is customisable, so you can mix and match to suit your wants and build a watch that’s perfect for you. Assuming you’re after something clean and full of Scandi minimalism, I’m certain there’s something among their Black Friday watches available for everyone!


When purchasing a watch, you can choose your own dial design, colour and size, metal surround, and strap colour and material. The website then shows you detailed photographs of your chosen combination, including on the wrist for an idea of scale.

For example, when I was choosing a watch to gift F, I played around with a mixture of different combinations until I finally landed on something I thought he’d like most. To see his watch in more detail (and his glowing debut in his hand modelling career), have a little peek at this post.


Here are some of my picks curated from the men’s watch range, including those that narrowly missed adorning his wrist:


I adore this stylish array and it’s so hard for me to choose a favourite! I think the dark dials look simultaneously subtle and striking, and I love the central silver-toned row. Whilst there are design crossovers between the Men’s and Women’s watches, the larger dial sizes ensure a sleek, strong and masculine feel – I would love for F to wear any one of these.




And the customisation need not stop once you’ve purchased a watch, as all Nordgreen watches come with interchangeable straps, meaning you can change or update your look as you please for different occasions, or as your personal style and tastes evolve. (And not that I’ve yet reached this stage, but it also means you can easily replace a worn out strap by simply ordering a new replacement.)


For example, my own watch is the Native Lille, 32mm, in gold, with a white dial. I then have three straps; a gold mesh metal, black leather (which comes with the matching gold hardware), and one of the new gold 5-link metal straps, a recent and gorgeous addition.

Here’s a selection of designs I’ve put together from the Women’s collection:


I think a slightly softer colour palette works really well within the Women’s watches, and so they dominant my picks. Rose gold and warm browns lend to a more casual look, and there are other shades of leather strap such as white or pink for a definitively more feminine feel, if that’s your preference.

Regarding the Black Friday deal – I’ve been informed that the 35% discount applies to any order, and will be the highest saving over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, running through to Dec 1st this year (don’t you just hate it when you rush to purchase something on Black Friday only to find the retailer was holding back a better, Cyber Monday deal??). And thank you to Nordgreen for kindly offering my readers 35% off their cart with the code BARELY35 - shop your perfect watch here.

This content is sponsored by Nordgreen. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Barely There Beauty possible.