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18 March 2016 22 comments


Lancome recently launched their new lip product, the Juicy Shakers, and I think the beauty community have gone a bit loopy for these new kids on the block. There are 14 shades for the UK in the range (one of which is limited ed.), promising a fun, juicy, low maintenance lip, and I've gone and swatched them all for you (you're very welcome!) and tested them for comfort, longevity, wear, the whole shebang. Read on to see the shades!


Much akin to their Bifacil eye makeup remover, that I think we all have owned at some point in our lives, the Juicy Shakers (£18) are a split formula consisting of bright pigments and nourishing sweet almond, cranberry and omega 3 oils. Shake the cocktail-shaker-esque container to combine the two, making a delicious tinted lip oil. It feels a lot like the neat castor oil I wear on my lips as a balm, uber comfortable, non-greasy, non-sticky. The applicator in the lid is a fat, pointed sponge which actually makes throwing on a lip a doddle, although they go on really nicely with either fingers or a lip brush too. These are a fab throw-in-the-handbag option and are available in the UK at all the usual Lancome retailers, Boots are offering points atm which is always a plus, House of Fraser, etcetc (I don't actually believe they're around in the US until April 21st?! When do we ever get the first release! Although you get more colours so swings and roundabouts!).

On to the shades.


252 Vanilla Pop: A warm, burnished rose, with reddened undertones.
151 Cherry Symphony: A deep, raspberry pink.
301 Meli Melon: A midtoned rose with bright pink undertones and some subtle sparkle.
154 Great Fruit: A corally burnt orange.
166 Walk The Lime: A strawberry red.
400 Mint To Be: A pale, aquafresh-toothpaste-blue that sheers out to almost clear.
102 Apri Cute: A fresh orange/coral/peach tone.


381 Mangoes Wild: A warm, darkened raspberry shade.
283 Berry In Love: A blue toned pink/purple/fuschia.
142 Freedom Of Peach: An enlivening sherbet peach shade.
372 Berry Tale: A bright, midtoned reddish pink.
300 Lemon Explosion: A sparkly pale pale peach/coral, almost clear.
352 Wonder Melon: A strawberry pink shade.
313 Boom Meringue: A pale blue toned pink with sparkle.


Lancom Juicy Shakers in Berry Tale

I have to say that not one shade is unflattering on (Yep, I tried on every one. The photos didn't come out at all well though, I was obviously too excited and blurred half of them!) and you can adjust how pigmented they're going to be by shaking more or less thoroughly. Vanilla Pop is possibly my favourite of the bunch although it's hard to choose, I think it's most flattering on me, and therefore someone who enjoys a darker, rosy/brown nude. Apri Cute and Mangoes Wild are my second in command, partially because the adorable names but they're extremely flattering on. All of the shades smell sweet and fruity but the two melon shades smell of watermelon which is delightful and reason enough to buy them. 

Mint To Be on bare lips

Mint To Be is the limited edition 'scary' shade but actually I think I've been won over, the pale blue isn't my favourite on bare lips but over another shade or another lipstick (matte or otherwise) it can change the tone of it just subtlely enough and help whiten your teeth. The uber subtle sparkle in it is rather beautiful too.

One of my favourite things about the Juicy Shakers is how they wear. These are the ultimate low maintenance lip product. Straight off the bat they're glossy from the oils, but as those sink into your lips (over the course of a 2-3 hours), the shine calms to a hydrated-balm look before disappearing completely to a subtle stain (3-4 hours). Certain shades stain more than others, namely the stronger, brighter ones like Walk The Lime, Berry Tale, Cherry Symphony etc, whereas the paler shades don't really leave anything behind, and none of the shades are sticky, they're extremely comfortable to wear and aren't going to be a problem with long hair and wind. 

I am all over these. A lot of the shades look extremely similar on the lips so I wouldn't say there's any real need to pick up the the whole range but comb through the collection, there are some super pretty shades to be had, the formula is a winner and they're priced really reasonably at £18. Vanilla Pop, Apri Cute, Meli Melon and Mangoes Wild are my favourites, what are yours?

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  1. They look so pretty! I love how you said it's a low maintenance product haha it's perfect for me.
    I'll definitely check this out! So excited!

    1. I'm all over low maintenance! They're really pretty, you'll have to let me know your favourites! Xx

  2. How did the Uk get them 1st haha?! I was sent a couple of these and I really like them - they're surprising long lasting! I cant remember what shades i have but i love the look of vanilla pop and Lemon Explosion xx

    1. I know! I thought an oil would just slide right off. Vanilla Pop is probably my favourite :) xx

  3. wow those look great and come in so many fabulous colors! I can't wait to try them out, especially because you love them so much!

  4. I LOVEEEEE these so much - definitely looking these up ASAP!! Meli Melon, Mangoes Wild, Walk the Lime and Berry Tale got my name alllll over them!! Xoxo

  5. These look adorable! ♥ I would love to get my hands on few and even try them as blushes maybe! ;) x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. I'm tempted to ask for one of these for my birthday as they look great. I love these hassle free products for everyday, this is a great collection. Thanks for all the swatches!

    The Makeup Directory

  7. I'm so excited about this launch, I love how cute and playful they look and I can't wait for them to FINALLY come to the US! Your swatches are super helpful, thank you so much.

  8. I've seen these but had no idea what they were. I love glossy lips so I definitely need to check these out. The colors are lovely!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  9. From what I saw from everyone else's reviews, the swatches never got to the opacity that you've somehow gotten here. Did you shake them for a long time?

  10. I would love to repurchase one for nostalgia's sake. The last time I used their juicy tube was when I was 13 years old. The scent alone brings me right back to those times

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