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30 January 2016 40 comments


Do you ever wish there was a brand similar to Charlotte Tilbury in shade range, quality and beautiful packaging that didn't swallow up so many of your pennies? Keep your eyes peeled for a future review on the stash of products I picked up but for now read on amigos, because I can legitimately say this range has already made it right up there amongst my very favourite makeup brands.

UPDATE: I now have a full review yay! Hear me gush about my purchases here

Having seen the shades/range online, I was expecting, hoping, for this new launch by the stunner that is Rosie Huntington Whitely, to be amazing. Seeing it in person, I was not to be disappointed. The packaging is simple, chic and, yes, rose gold. The colours and shades within the range are beautiful. A few brights and expensive-looking, unusual hues and lots of rosy tones and model-off-duty neutrals. It's really temping to buy.. almost the entire range.

Cream eyeshadow sticks. £12.50. 4 shades.

Just as smooth and slick and the Laura Mercier caviar guys (review), the Charlotte Tilbury ones (review), Kiko (review), By Terry etcetc. Very pigmented. I wish there were more colours, but here are the 4 available.


1. Movie Star Crush
2. Feline Fox
3. Amber Eyes
4. Sparkle & Magic

Lipsticks. £14. 12 shades.

Literally stunning. Metal magnetic closure (which makes my year). Beautiful creamy texture and finish, highly pigmented and a gorgeous assortment of neutral shades and some brights. Really reminiscent of the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lippies. Here are the shades for you.


1. Laugh Out Loud LOL
2. Dolly Baby
3. Camisole Blush
4. Lady Rose
5. Super Model Kiss
6. Nude Mink
7. Look Of Love
8. Silk Rose
9. Silk Cami
10. Nude Blush
11. I Love You So Much ILYSM
12. Rose Lace (which wasn't in stock, sadface)

Cream Blush. £14. 4 shades.

A cream to powder formula. Super pigmented! Really liking English Rose Flush.



1. Romantic Flush
2. English Rose Flush
3. Natures Blush
4. Camisole Blush

Lip Glossy. £12.50. 4 shades.

A balmy stick of colour. Not sticky, not too shiny, really easy to wear for a daytime lip. Really love these.


1. Supermodel Smile
2. My Best Girl Friend
3. Sweet Nothing Kisses
4. Lights Camera Action

Eyeshadow Palettes. £18. 4 shades.

Oh my word so pretty. Uber uber buttery shimmery shades that are, again, really very pigmented. There are only 2 matte shades among the 4 palettes, I kinda wish there was 1 matte per palette? But other than that, really impressed with the shade choices, I think Deco Diamonds is beautiful, that greeny shade is really unusual.


1. I Feel Like A Million Dollars
2. Deco Diamonds
3. Copper Gold Rush
4. Ballet Slippers

Really impressed off the bat with the launch, a nice pricing between drugstore and high end, perfect shade range for me, really good quality and there is definitely something reminiscent of Charlotte Tilbury..

There are a bunch of other products in the range (such as a couple of highlighters (amazing), bronzers, liners, mascaras etc, and I picked up a small stash of assorted goodies... so keep your eyes peeled for that review coming up soon..

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  1. Who knew Autograph could top the other more loved brands - I'm all for supporting more underrated products so I'll be on the lookout soon hehe. I love how the eyeshadow looks as well, sooo puuuurty ^__^

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

    1. I'm exceedingly impressed! I think this range is up there with Tilbury, Chanel etc. Very pretty :) xx

  2. Okay, these all look amazing. I can't even pick favourites from any of your swatches because they just all look incredible!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. It's a hard choice! I'm debating whether to go back and get more before my full review.. xx

  3. Ohhh wow, literally everything you've swatched here looks amazing! Looks like you had a lot of fun in M&S - I'm going to have to make a visit to the one in my town centre and see if they have the collection out! Definitely love the look of the eyeshadow sticks and cream blushes! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. I'm really impressed with all of the colours! The highlighter is STUNNING too xx

  4. I really want to try this range! I love RHW :-)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS THIS BRAND LOOKS LIKE PERFECTION!! The packaging, the products, the quality, everything! The quad looks absolutely gorgeous and I badly need them in my life. The lipsticks are all so pretty looking too and are highly pigmented! Want to try everything this range has to offer! xx

    Jasmine ||

    1. Really amazing, I'm impressed with everything about the range! The lipsticks have an amazing closure too... so dreamy xx

  6. My goodness me, everything looks gorgeous!!

    Parie x

  7. I saw Lisa Eldridge do the other day a makeup look on Rosie with some of these products and it was beautiful, and seing this swatches make me so excited. Where did you find the line, I would love getting any of those palettes!
    I hope you have a great day, lovely xx


    1. I love both Lisa and Rosie! You can pick these up at either your local Marks and Spencers or online via their websites, I've linked the individual products in the post :) xx

  8. Oh wow, I want it all! Go Rosie! I especially love the second palette you showed us and all the cream shadows and blushers. Thanks for sharing with us, the packaging is also very lovely.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. Agree with you, I particularly like that one. The blushes are gorgeous, they last really well on the skin! xx

  9. These all look so beautiful, especially the lipsticks - I think I'd wear all of them. I had a sniff of her perfume before Christmas and they smell gorgeous.

    1. Definitely, I love the shade range, so hard to choose which to get without picking them all up! xx

  10. OMG, I saw these the other day, and now I'm even more tempted to take a little purchase hahaha I do love me some rose gold packaging and they all look stunning especially them eyeshadow palettes.


    1. I'd definitely recommend it! The whole range is really reminiscent of Charlotte Tilbury makeup and there are even a couple of dupes! xx

  11. Why haven't I seen them before? Look at the gorgeous packaging, and all these pretty products! It would be so hard to make a decision, I would probably spend hours there just swatching every one of them!

    1. Definitely! I've ended up buying more than I initially envisaged... so beautiful xx

  12. Great pictures. The colours all look so beautiful! Definitely going to have to try these out.

  13. They have some lovely lip colours! Do you know if their products are tested on animals? xx

    1. Definitely, really beautiful texture too. I'm 99.9% percent certain neither the products nor ingredients are tested on animals and I believe Autograph is a cruelty free range xx

  14. these look awesome, i need the eyeshadow sticks immediately!

    danielle | avec danielle

  15. I can't wait to try the range!

    She's my makeup idol, so finally being able to re-create her looks, or to try her favourites is a big deal. The quality of it all looks incredible, especially the eye shadow palettes and lipsticks.

    I was worried it was limited edition but it doesn't seem to be.

    Shanelle || SLovesAutumn


  16. The cream blushes and the eye palettes look a mm axing! Sooo much pigment. Cannot wait to give these a try.

    Love, Siobhan

  17. Oops, last comment should've said 'amazing' not 'a mm axing'!!

  18. Wow these look great did not realise there was soo many products in the range!

  19. I didn't even know this was a thing but now I do I feel like I need everything in my life. I mean just look how beautiful the swatches are! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  20. How amazing is the packaging! I went on hunt for this range at my local M&S but they don't have it yet :( I'm looking forward to you full reviews :) xx

  21. I ordered a few things from Marks and Spencer online since I'm in the states, I can't wait to get them!

  22. Everything looks so beautiful I want it all! *Runs off to make an order*

  23. From the packaging to the products, everything looks so luxurious! I really want to try them!!!

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  24. thank you so so much for these amazing swatches! you are a life saviour! im on my second rosie for autograph haul andi just spent £60 eeps. i hope she will come out with lip liners because charlotte tillburys are absolutely fantastic but really hurts the wallet. ive read somewhere that shes coming out with foundations?? i hope you can put up reviews on the bronzers, concealers, contour and highlighter stick! the highlighter stick have been sold out for ages online! ps - is natures blush and romantic flush that bright on the skin? i have english rose flush and the pigmentation scared me for a.bit but the end result is absolutely stunning! everything is so worth the money i really want to collect them all!

  25. dear where can I by ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH
    Lip Glossy online - I live in Denmark and M&S does not ship - most grateful for your reply


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