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Whilst I do love my... 'less casual' outfits let's call them (like this one of a camel coat and woollen skirt, and I've become ever so fond of the pleated skirt) I can't deny that I'm a creature of comfort and love to sink back into my wardrobe of classic, comfortable staples on a weekend.

And by casual I don't necessarily mean slovenly (only sometimes ;), so today I'm sharing a few of my favourite pieces to wear on the weekend, in the hope of exhibiting the utmost of comfort, whilst looking somewhat put together. I hope you enjoy!




As a content creator, blogger, 'influencer', whatever you care to call us, I inevitably get to try a vast number of beauty products, so it's not always easily to pin down a particular, specific style that I truly call my own.

I don't know whether it was the two trips to France last year, but the Francophile in me has absolutely been reignited with zest and vigour. I've found myself brushing up on my rusty French again and  perfecting how to make all the best French delicacies; demi-glace, beurre blancs, french tarts (with the help of this fab book). France has always been a big part of my life growing up and I suppose I just forgot about it the last few years. But it's a wonderful feeling to welcome it back.

Anyway the purpose of today's post is that the 'French revolution' extends to my beauty regime too. I've given all aspects of my beauty routine somewhat of a makeover to more rigidly reflect the simple, natural, clean-where-possible, undone and effortless look of the French ethos.

So makeup today (including the 3 cornerstones to my French-inspired makeup regime), and skincare to follow - I hope you enjoy!





That's a big sigh as I flop into a squashy armchair and place my drink of honeyed ginger tea on the table next to me.

I hope you're not suffering too much from everything reverting back to normal after the festive season, and that you're putting all those self-kindness tips into practice!

To be frank, if I'm not careful, the return to the everyday at the start of the year can sometimes get me a bit down. F usually takes a few weeks off in December so maybe it's getting used to not seeing him as much again, or feeling a bit run down from my father and his illness but whatever it is, I feel as if I need a bit of a pick-me-up. And whilst there are many free/inexpensive ways to bring happiness into your life, sometimes it's only a good shop that'll cut it..

Made all the more satisfying because I need not leave the aforementioned squishy armchair to do so..

One thing in favour of the retail-therapist, is that the new year most often brings with it new stock, and fresh fodder to dip our toes into. Something about the new year also makes me want to shun jewel tones, burgundies and black and look forward to the somewhat pastel palette of springtime - which I like to take as an excuse to revamp my wardrobe. I'm enamoured with these delicate little mules and this white, ruffled shirt. As well as off-white jeans. Who knew. La Redoute's Mademoiselle R range have some adorable knitwear too that I've my eye on.

Here are some more of my style must-haves that are either on my wishlist, in my basket or already on their way to casa BTB!





Happy New Year! I hope you've enjoyed the holidays and aren't too glum about everything reverting back to normal.. I've had a few days break from BTB and social media at the start of this year and it's been really, really appeasing. But I'm back with a brand new and shiny post today, the first of 2019.

I've no real resolutions for 2019 (any day is good to start any lifestyle change or resolution?) but something I have been trying to encourage more within myself is to practise self-kindness. Because many of us could frankly do with giving ourselves more of a break.

So today I'm sharing 6 ways to be kinder to yourself, that aren't just for new year, but all year round.

2018: BEST OF.


I really can't believe I'm sitting here writing up this post to mark the end of the year! It feels like it's come around so quickly now that we're looking back.

As a tribute to the occasion, today I'm going to be sharing my very 'bests' of 2018 - from beauty and style, to the home and memory making - I hope you enjoy :)


Living Proof, La Mer and Lixirskin are but a few brands I've really fallen in love with during 2018 - I'm sure I could buy anything from their ranges and be happy. Otherwise, it's products like my Lanaiblo hairdryer (best thing ever), Silke hair ties (other best thing ever?) my Hyggee all-in-one essence that have changed my 2018 beauty routine for the better.

And here are a few more of my favourites from this year:


I think my style has become somewhat more feminine in 2018. Whilst there always used to be a smidge of casual in and amongst every outfit, I'm all for pretty blouses, bows and berets nigh on daily now ;)

Heeled ballet shoes a la Repetto have been a staple for me this year, as well as these loafers that are one of my most worn pair. And of course the bow-neck blouse and my infatuation with the pleated skirt..

I'm ever-more into quality clothing and style so here's just a teeny snippet of my favourite pieces from the past year:


I'm obsessed with homeware - it's possibly the area I could spend money most easily.. and indeed I have ;)

I've lately treated both the bed and ourselves to some sumptuous bedding from the White Company and and growing our recipe book collection, Le Manoir being the latest (what a gorgeous book).

There have been a number of lifestyle items that have been making life the equivalent of "two thumbs up" - that meaning either easier, more efficient or more enjoyable. 


2018 has definitely been a year of ups and downs. For those that don't already know, my father has Dementia-in-Parkinsons disease and to say it's a struggle is I think wildly making light of the situation. But then, conversely, I've had so many moments of joy - with him, the rest of my family, F etc. Food is such a big aspect of my life, I think I tend to think of great meals we've had first! In fact, F will ask me what we did on a given day/holiday and I'll reply with something along the lines of 'hmm let me think, we had the beef, horseradish and cavolo nero.. oh yes we went to the market in Bath!' ;) So by that logic, our two visits to France this year have got to be right up there (if you're after some travel inspiration, I've shared our journey here!). Aside from the views, the towns, the culture, the people - we had great meals across the board whilst we were there! It's really cemented the Francophile in me. I've absolutely loved documenting the smaller things too (my 10 Things series if you fancy a little look) - noting them down for reflection later makes me feel so grateful.

I hope you all have the most wonderful New Year, whatever you've planned (we are going to be spending it away but in a very slow and quiet manner with hopefully just some snow and jazz to keep us company!) And let me take this moment to thank all of you for your continued support, time and energy with regards to Barely There Beauty - it means the world :)

Here's to 2019!










Outfit details

Polka dot blouse (past season, similar here)

Navy peacoat (past season, similar here)

Burgundy bucket bag (currently on sale)





Rows of wooden huts, steam and notes of spice and roasting meats escaping from their rooftops.

Sugary donuts, effervescent with cinnamon. The 'ooh' and 'ah!' as they tinge eager fingers.

Vendors displaying their festive wares. Jewellery, decorations, hand-made, hand-carved.

Steaming copper vats of mulled wine, fruits and spices bobbing merrily in their deep, ruby bath.

The city strewn with festive lights and festive spirit.

Rows of wreaths and trees, decked out in red and gold.

Swathes of bustling shoppers, enthusiastic and joyful. Excited children scampering through their legs.

Christmas music floating across the city, emanating from the brass instruments of the scarlet-clad quartet band.






The Christmas Market, one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

Wishing you all the most wonderful of Christmasses! I hope you have a lovely one :)





The run up to Christmas is my favourite part of the whole festive affair.

When it turns December 1st and all the storefronts get out their best Christmas decorations to impress this year, the air fills with merry, Christmas tunes and supermarket shelves start filling with festive fare, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

We've a few Christmas traditions here at Casa BTB that we like to indulge in and enjoy each Christmas that I'd love to share with you today. I hope you enjoy!



If there were ever a time to be joyously overdressed, Christmas season is it.

Whether it's for Christmas day, New Year's Eve, dinner out with your loved ones, or anything in between, the right dress is often just the thing you need to feel festive, confident and utterly gorgeous. And who doesn't want to feel like that!

For me, I love lace, embroidered, bows and detail. The perfect festive dress for me isn't about glitz and bare skin (although if it is for you then by all means!), but that need not mean it's shouldn't be special, and more importantly shouldn't make you feel special. 

Outfit details

Red lace dress (unfortunately sold out! but very similar here)

Bow heels (from a boutique in Paris - similar Ferragamo alternative here)

Here are some of my personal, favourite festive picks to, for all budgets, to add a a touch of merriment to your festive attire, and a few accessories thrown in for good measure - I hope you find something you love!




one. // the birthday trip to Paris. You can catch up with our trip here, but to summarise, we had the most gorgeous time - it's one of my favourite, most meaningful and sentimental places in the world.

two. // feeling Christmassy and Christmas markets.

three. // shopping for gifts for others (see my bumper Christmas gift guide if you're still doing yours!), naughty online shopping for myself, Black Friday deals and so many lovely things in the stores.

four. // homemade ile flottante - we had it in Paris and I've been trying to recreate the exact, thoroughly superlative recipe - utterly delicious. Also poached pears, chocolate panettone, festive pain perdu and Angelina hot chocolate. I could easily give each a bullet of their own, I'm infatuated.

five. // these patent heeled ballerinas. I picked them up over Black Friday weekend and I love them.

six. // some superlative beauty finds lately. M&S 'gel' nail polish (smooth, fast-drying and a week and counting unchipped!), Huda Beauty's latest eyeshadow palette (so creamy and blendable - I did a look with it here) and Avene's radiance serum are but a few examples.

seven. // watching Masterchef the Professionals together. F and I aren't big TV people but we'll happily sit down to watch this. I'll say it now, my money's on Laurence ;)

eight. // John Lewis couldn't find my online order with their usual speedy service so gave me a bunch of roses to apologise - such a lovely gesture, and they're looking beautiful on our table.

nine. // these cosy Boden pjs.

ten. // Christmas market season - we've got a couple lined up and I'm really looking forward to them :)






Isn't it getting chilly now?!

Another 'wet and wonderful' day as I sit and write this. The sort of weather bloggers and product photographers wince at because it's so overcast.. Happily not so the other day though!

F and I 'needed' to head out to our most local butchers to get some beef skirt so I got dressed up for a change and we made a bit of a day of it. I don't know what's come over me but I've such a craving for really good cornish pasties lately, it's getting quite unbecoming ;) F has always liked them but I never thought I'd join him in that - I'm really not keen on pies of any kind.. None of that shop-bought hokum though by the way - homemade pastry and quality ingredients mm mmm.

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