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23 February 2023 0 comments


If you're at all familiar with my style, it will be no surprise to you that I am pro-trench-coat.


They're one of the most worn, most numerous items in my closet.


Finding the 'perfect' one has been an enjoyable albeit expensive journey and any notes of wisdom I can pass along I am more than happy to do so. Consider this your trench coat buying guide. 


I think the most important factors to consider:

Budget - I would spend as much as you can afford.


Length - above the knee, mid calf or ankle length? 


Fit - is your preference for a more fitted or oversized feel? 


Colour - is it's your first, I would opt for a classic beige. Consider whether warm or cooler beige tones suit you better. 


Material - I personally like 100% cotton but a polyester blend creases less, tend to be thicker/warmer and can have an element of water resistance.

For me, I would encourage spending a little extra on a trench coat as it's a piece so well worn and loved in my closet. Arguably Burberry is the exemplar to which all other models must aspire. Their three most classic styles only better as they age. For a coat that's more fitted through the shoulders and waist - the Chelsea. The Waterloo has a raglan sleeve giving it a looser fit - size up to have it look oversized. The Kensington has a traditional shoulder and lies somewhere in between the two. Examples + higher end options coming up:


That is of course not to say that the high street is without option. Here are a selection of pieces I think worthy of consideration:




There is always the (excellent) option of going pre-loved.


My personal preference for trench coats are the somewhat billowing cotton overcoats of the 80's/90's 'á la Frasier' (I love him/Niles/Lilith in their suit-enrobed trench coats) and there seem to be a profusion available on the second hand market - namely a lot of vintage Burberry coats. I would say you can find a good example for a third to half the price of a modern counterpart. A lot of the coats available are in large 'overcoat' sizes so I'd therefore recommend having it tailored to your exact wants. I have an old Burberry trench that belonged to my father that I'm going to do exactly that with. Even a reasonably extensive tailoring (taking in shoulders, shortening sleeves, taking up length, moving up belt hooks) is likely not to exceed a couple of hundred pounds. I think this is an excellent way to create something bespoke and perfectly complimentary to your personal style. Some pre-loved options here: