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23 February 2016 8 comments


I'm a big fan of Guerlain. I think they're pretty underrated as far as department store beauty goes, and when I stumbled upon their new range of lipsticks, I of course, got sucked in like a moth to a flame. 


The La Petite Robe Noire lipsticks £21.50 are the new lippie range to accompany the similarly titled fragrance. The idea is a lightly fragranced, balmy lipstick that builds from a translucent juicyness to an intense colour pay off. Scented makeup doesn't really do it for me but these aren't at all unpleasant. The finish and formula is what I love most about these, they're shiny, hydrating, dewy and really make your lips look plump and refreshed. I was never really into the Kylie/brown/matte thing but especially as summer is around the corner, these offerings from Guerlain sound like perfection. There are 20 colours in the range and I swatched every last damn one for you, let's have a look:


1. Black Perfecto - Thoughts when I first saw this: "Black lipstick? Guerlain?" It's not black at all as you can see. It's a sheer, vampy purple with subtle glitter, interesting but it stains. Not a favourite!
2. My First Lipstick - Another glittery number, although it's pale-pink-sheer bordering nothingy-ness so again not a fave. 
3. Fire Bow
4. Red Teddy
5. Pink Ballerinas
6. Pink Bangle - Super pretty juicy pink, perhaps like you've bitten into a ripe strawberry and the juice has spattered over your lips. 


7. Berry Beret
8. Beige Lingerie - The most nude of the collection, a good rosy/pink/brown, I actually adore this one. I think many could pull this off as a my-lips-but-better.
9. Python Bag
10. Lilac Belt
11. Poppy Cap - Anyone after a spring/summer coral for beachside retreats etc, I think this is a beautiful option.
12. Sun Twin Set - Very similar to this Barry M lipstick I reviewed in 166.


13. Red Heels
14. Red Bow Tie
15. Pink Tie
16. Neon Pumps - A light and bright pink that is far from neon but in fact really pretty and springlike. 
17. Cherry Cape
18. Leather Blazer - I did think yuck, in the bullet, and even in the swatch but on the lips it's really flattering for those with an olive-y undertone. 

19. Mauve Gloves - As dark and plummy as this looks compared to the other, more vibrant shades, it actually translates a lot lighter on me and is definitely in my top 3 favourite/most wearable shades of the range. 
20. Plumbrella


They alsoooo have 8 nail polishes (of which I like all of them) that match some of the lip colours (why they didn't just match all 20 shades I have no idea) and once again, a killer formula. I quickly tried 4 on my nails and 1 slight swipe was opaque, bright and shiny. Pink Ballerinas, a milky pale pink, is actually stunning, it looks so demure and ethereal, if a polish can. 

House of Fraser have had exclusivity on the range until yesterday (yippeeeee) so you can now pick them up here at Escentual a little cheaper. 

So guys, now I pass the buck on to you, what shades should I pick up?! And which are your favourites? 

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  1. I swatched these at the weekend. I only really like Mauve Gloves and wish I'd picked it up! Love the packaging they look so fun and fresh in time for spring xx

  2. The packaging on these is gorgeous!! I normally stick to my matte lipsticks and don't go near anything remotely sheer but I love the pink shades you've swatched. Definitely go for Sun Twin Set and Pink Bangle! x

    Always, Alice

  3. I absolutely love the La Petite Robe Noire perfume so these lipsticks are super exciting :-) I like how shimmery they seem to be from your swatches, thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow so many gorgeous shades and how beautiful is that packaging! I love shades 5, 7, 10, 15 and 15 from the lipstick swatches :) x

    Beauty with charm

  5. All those shades look super pretty. Great post. x

  6. That does look like a really nice selection of shades of the nail polishes in particular look gorgeous. The formula looks great and they sit so well on the nails- so nice and shiny as well!


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