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19 March 2016 19 comments


It's all about the eyes with the latest offering from Chanel. With a veritable bounty of new eyeshadow quads, cream shadow sticks, liners and even a new mascara, there's lots to swim around in. I've got a whole host of swatches and some favourites already, so let's take a dip.


Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Quads (£40) in 266 Tisse Essentiel, 264 Tisse Particulier (limited edition) and 272 Tisse Dimensions.

Chanel shadow quads make me happy, it's a fact. They're incredibly easy to work with, they blend and build when you want and the colours are often unusual, gorgeous or a happy mix of both.


Tisse Particulier is probably the palette that I'd skip, on first impressions, due to that rather bright blue in the pan and me being deterred by colour, but good golly, I'm taken aback by how gorgeous it is.

Shade 1: A pigmented icy white-gold, deliciously creamy and shimmery.
Shade 2: A pale candy pink with hints of golden shimmer.
Shade 3: A to-die-for rose gold with subtle gold, rose and silver shimmer. (If you missed on the limited edition New Moon (review here), you need to get this. In fact if you own and love New Moon you also need to get this.)
Shade 4: An inky blue, this actually looks like a very subtle duochrome to me, with a blackened base and midnight blue shift, with subtle blue microglitter.


Tisse Essentiel is the palette I gravitated to the most, being a neutrals girl, but, although beautiful, I think it's the most disappoint of the three palettes. Whereas Tisse Particulier has shades that literally aren't duplicated in other brands, Tisse Essentiel feels a bit done to me. For example, 3 of the 4 shadows are exceedingly close to shades in the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette (review here) which is only £5 more, fantastic quality and you get 7 shades altogether.

Shade 1: A dark, cool-toned brown with subtle shimmer.
Shade 2: A neutral-to-warm chocolate brown with very very subtle gold shimmer.
Shade 3: A creamy, pigmented pale gold.
Shade 4: A light, cafe-au-lait brown with golden shimmer/microglitter.


Tisse Dimensions is an interesting one. It strongly reminds me of two of the shadow quads in the new Rosie For Autograph range (review here) which are only £18, so you could legitimately get both for less than Tisse Dimensions! However, the metallic/shimmer shade in this is one to blow your socks off.

Shade 1: A pigmented, antique green-gold packed with at least gold and silver microglitter. An absolute stunner of a metallic/shimmer shade.
Shade 2: A creamy, pale gold-cream.
Shade 3: A muted, pale to mid toned opaque rose with subtle golden shimmer.
Shade 4: A beautiful, dark aubergine/eggplant.

Stylo Eyeshadow (£23) in 157 Beige Dore, 177 Rose Petale, 187 Brun Chatain, 197 Vert Grise, 207 Bleu Nuit (all limited edition).

I have two quite strong beliefs when it comes to cream shadow sticks; 1 being that I adore them, they're the easiest way to get a long lasting, beautiful eye. The other is that you don't need to spend a lot to get quality, my Kiko ones for example (review here) are plainly stunning and I have some really unusual shades. However.... the formula of the Style Eyeshadow is sublime, a cross between a cream and gel, they glide on like no other. And Chanel have a couple of shades that stand out.


Beige Dore: A 24-carat kind of gold.
Rose Petale: A pale, candy pink that's not dissimilar to the pink from the Tisse Dimensions palette.
Brun Chatain: A neutral-to-cool-toned brown base with golden shimmer
Vert Grise: This is the standout for me, A olive-come-griege with gold and khaki shimmer.
Bleu Nuit: A flattering inky blue, once again with a blackened base and slight metallic midnight blue shift. I think this one and Vert Grise are worth the spend.

Let's talk about the two Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliners (£19) whilst we're here. The black shade 10 Ebene is meh. Don't get me wrong, I know I like the Chanel liner formula, take Beryl, what a special shade. However the competition in the 'black liner' discipline is sky high and I'd rather take Barry M's Bold waterproof gel pencil, my favourite black pencil liner and under £4. 20 Espresso however is a little more interesting, like Brun Chatain but with a lot more golden glitter.


The new mascara, Dimensions De Chanel (£25), comes in black, brown and navy, and is an all-in-one formula promising volume, definition, length, curl, conditioning and a long wear time. My my. I'm a long standing wearer of Inimitable (9 tubes I'm not joking) but this new guy has a proper fibre brush rather than a silicone nubbly thing that annoys me a little. I need a waterproof formula, which hadn't arrived to my store yet, so I can't wait to get my hands on this and give it a proper test run! There are a couple of other bits, some brow products, a brush, etc which I'm not fussed about, Freedom/NYX/Soap & Glory do my favourite brow products. 

Those in the UK can pick up the Eyes Speak Volumes Summer 2016 range at House of Fraser, BootsDebenhams, Selfridges and the like, for the US, take a look here at Macys, Saks and of course here at Chanel, because you lucky things can order direct!

And I think we're done! I definitely think Tisse Particulier, the new mascara and the grey-green-gold Stylo eyeshadow are coming home with me, what are your favourites?

P.S. Have you seen the my Lancome Juicy Shakers collection swatches?

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  1. All the products are so so lovely, I really can't choose a favourite... ok, maybe the Tisse Dimensions Palette, so unique!!!

    Happy Weekend Jennifer! <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. I think it's really pretty! That silvery shade is a winner xx

  2. Wow! The summer collection is out?!?! That's so fast! :) I must try the Inimitable mascara. Sounds amazing!!


    1. This is just A summer collection rather than THE summer collection, it's supposed to be full of khakis and bronzes though so looking forward to that! xx

  3. What a collection! Cream eyeshadow stick range offers some pretty shades, vert grise and braun chatain are gorgeous! x

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Vert grise is really pretty, I loveeee cream shadow sticks xx

  4. Tisse Particulier is such a gorgeous palette, especially because of the shade 3! Chanel always does some great summer collections!

  5. The eyeshadow collections are just beautiful, the colours are so bold!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel and Lifestyle Blog
    p.s - Thanks for pinning on the ".Bloggers Unite." Pinterest board!

    1. They are aren't they! I didn't have to build on the swatch either. Thank you for having me! xx

  6. They are all so pigmented!! Xx

    1. They are! Especially the silvery shade in the Dimensions palette xx

  7. I've never tried Chanel makeup before but I just love how luxurious it looks. The eyeshadow quads look lovely, 272 is my favourite... I love that dark aubergine shade x

    Beauty with charm

    1. You should definitely try some! Me too, I know it's spring but I can't leave my plums and burgundy shades behind yet! xx

  8. I own zero Chanel products but all of these products looks so great! Look at all of that pigment. If the price was right they would all be mine!
    Mikayla |

    1. You should give some a try :) obviously some of their range is mediocre or dupe-able but there are many stand out pieces than I'm completely in love with! xx

  9. Thank you for your review and swatches. I'm tempted by Tisse Dimension. Do you know if these quads contain parabens? Many thanks.

  10. Tisse Dimensions looks absolutely stunning, I've been looking for an olive green shadow so what a great excuse to get this, will definitely have to swatch it for myself!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  11. Excellent review and swatches. Having recently ordered Empreinte Du Desert, I was prepared to skip these all together. After reading your comprehensive review I ordered Tissé Dimensions, Tissé Particulier and Stylos Vert Grise & Bleu Nuit. With Tissé Particulier---you had me at "Rose Gold." I purchased New Moon when it was first released over a year/two ago and fell in love with it. Clearly you pushed all of my Chanel buttons! Thanks so much!!!


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