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My Classic Closet: Watches.

3 February 2020 3 comments


I am back with another edition of My Classic Closet today - it's a series I want to nurture much more this year, catch up with it here if you feel so inclined!

I never used to be a watch person but in the last few years, they've become one of my favourite accessories. Today I'm going to be talking about my thought process for selecting a watch that's going to work for your needs (because watches are first and foremost a functional item, I should remind myself ;) just as well as for your closet and aesthetic.

Before we hop in, I just want to introduce and thank Nordgreen, the makers of my own black leather watch that I'm going to be sharing in the post, which I now wear all the time. A relatively new, independent, Danish watch company, they perfectly blend quality components at an affordable price, with classic Scandinavian styling. The company also has a strong, ethical stance, including their Giving Back Program where every watch sold supports a global NGO and a social project in the areas of clean water for families in the Central African Republic, education for children in India and rainforest conservation in Latin America. They've said they want their customer to feel good about what their watch stands for, and that's something that I really appreciate. I've been incredibly happy with my Nordgreen watch, but before I share it in a little more detail, let me go through with you what I think you should look for when buying a watch to harmonise with your personal style.


Choosing a watch face that's right for you - size, shape, colour, markings.

One of the most important factors to me, is the size and design of the dial. Regarding sizing, you want to choose something in proportion with your own measurements. For reference, my wrist is around 16cm and I tend to favour a 32-34mm watch face. Smaller dials tend to look more delicate, whereas larger lean towards looking more modern or statement.

Aside from size (and shape, as you could choose a rectangular or oval watch, especially in a vintage style), the colour of the dial and what markings it has is really important. As you want to be able to tell the time (!), markings that are comfortable to read are going to be key to your watches success, at least that's my standpoint! I like a very classic, minimal styling to the dial, nice and clean so it's easy to read! Saying that I do love skeleton watches too, which look more ornate and intricate.


Choosing a watch strap - metal, fabric, leather, colour, interchangeable.

The other main component to consider regarding the design of your watch is the strap. Which material would you like it to be made from? Canvas/nylon and leather straps (especially in brown over black) appear a little more casual, and metal or mesh straps perhaps a little more formal - although I wear my black leather strap for pretty much all occasions. I would personally just steer clear of elasticated metal watches as they tend to pinch!

I try and look for an interchangeable strap as it gives me the most options for pairing with outfits. A quick release mechanism on the strap helps you to switch them out in a flash so that's also something I look out for. I personally like having at least one leather, and one metal mesh strap - mine are in black (to match most of my closet) and gold (to match the dial surround and the jewellery I wear).

Choosing a watch movement that's right for you - manual, automatic, quartz.

I won't pretend to know all there is to know about watch movements but there are essentially three different types; Manual, Automatic and Quartz, and they are something you may want to consider when purchasing a watch.

A quartz movement is perhaps the simplest when it comes to function and upkeep, and that's what I gravitate towards. More info here on the movements and their pros/cons.





My Nordgreen Native watch - in black leather with addition gold mesh strap.

Styled by former design leader at Bang & Olufsen, Jakob Wagner, all of the Nordgreen designs exude modern classic style. I chose the Native from Nordgreen, with a white dial and gold bezel.



It's the simplest of Nordgreen's designs, with a slightly convex dial and minimal markings on the watch face. Each of Nordgreen's watches come in a selection of dial sizes, which is something I love about the brand. I've gone for the 32mm (the smallest available in the Native), which I think looks petite and classic on my wrist, which is the look I wanted. I didn't want the watch to stand out necessarily or overpower, rather just complement, but the Native is available up to 40mm to suit your own needs.





I knew I wanted one leather strap and one metal mesh, as Nordgreen straps are interchangeable (with the quick release pins). They do have vegan options but I plumped for black leather (I was tempted by navy, which you don’t too often see), which I wear most of the time, and also a gold mesh to match the watch bezel.

Whilst it'll always be easier to purchase a watch in person, Nordgreen's website made choosing a watch an incredibly straightforward and enjoyable experience - and that's something I want to note. They have many customisable options (dial size, colour, bezel, strap material, colour etc) and every option is photographed for you so you can see exactly how your mix will look - including watches worn on people's wrists for a visual sizing reference. They also have plenty of photos on their IG if you want to just get a feel for how styles look in an everyday setting.

Watches are available to buy in 'bundles' aka with additional straps at a discount, which is what I chose and is in my opinion the best option as something for yourself, or as a gift (Valentines is around the corner and what a beautifully chic this would make for a loved one ). Nordgreen have kindly offered my readers 15% off their shopping cart with the code BTB15 - so feel free to save a little money on me!

Shop my watch here.


This post is not sponsored but the watch was kindly gifted by Nordgreen, which I'm sharing with you because I love it!
Thank you for supporting the brands that make Barely There Beauty possible.

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