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13 March 2016 14 comments


So I wasn't out to buy the following, but was looking for a dupe for a future post (keep your eyes peeled) and stumbled across a couple of new things from Rimmel.. let's have a look at shades and swatches!




Contour palettes have been all over the drugstore shelves and in all honesty, I haven't been impressed, meaning I was a bit dubious walking past the Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palettes as to whether they'd just be another to add to the pile of passes. However, whether it was the rose gold, novelty of diagonal lines or whatever, I ended up swatching them and coming home with more than one of the shade options. I'll tell you for why.

Each palette comes with a highlight, contour and blush shade, encased in (cheapy) plastic cases edged with rose gold. There are 3 shade options, 002 Coral Glow, 003 Golden Bronze, and 001 Golden Sands although I'm not sure if this is US only. I could argue that the shade range needs work but I've rarely seen drugstore contour palettes with more than a fair, medium and dark option at best. Every powder in every palette is creamy and soft, it's nice that there's no discrepancy in texture between the palettes.



002 Coral Glow is the perfect match for my skin, which is around the NC20 mark atm. The highlight shade is a subtle champagne with a yellowy undertone that doesn't have big specks of shimmer and the blush a corally-pink that for all intents and purposes is matte but has a definite sheen on the skin, a little like the Kiko blushes I raved about here, which I think is incredibly flattering. The contour shade is pretty warm and pretty pale, almost more of a bronzer rather than a strict contour. I'm not upset about that though, it's pretty and flattering and foolproof to use, but if you're after a hardcore sculptor then maybe it's a pass. There's a sheen with this colour too, it it reminds me a lot of my highly prized Innisfree contour shade.


003 Golden Bronze doesn't really match me well at all. The highlight shade is as creamy as in the other palette but it's a much stronger, cool toned gold. The blush, again, is soft and creamy but a warm rose base with strong gold duochrome. The contour shade in this palette is actually matte and a dark, warm brown. 



For those with darker skins, I think you have a good shot at using this as intended but for me, I think it's rather delicious on the eyes. A warm brown for definition, a really peppy gold highlight and a stunning pink duochrome (so similar to Natasha Denona's Golden Rose?!). Meaning I can do eyes and cheeks with these 2 palettes and that's a win. 


Another new item at Rimmel is the #InstaFlawless Skin Tint. It's not clear from the packaging what this exactly is; a primer, some kind of tinted 'skin perfector', with SPF 15, that provides a natural glow, that's hydrating and keeps your makeup on for longer? Physicians Formula in the US have the 'Instagram-ready' BB, and it seems Rimmel have nabbed a similar idea for the UK (even the font is similar), unless they're affiliated in some way? I was pretty intrigued about this one and dare I say excited to try it, although once I'd got it home and swatched it on my hands, it felt nice enough but perhaps not living up to expectations? It's quite a thin, almost tacky product that really has very little tint, I don't think it'd matter which of the 2 shades you went for. But actually, on the face, my excitement is regained. It somehow gently evens out my hyperpigmentation and blotchiness and provides a wonderful base for makeup. I love the glow. It's a noticeable but controlled glow, that emanates healthiness and is great for oilier skins, although I would recommend it those with dry skins too. And to clear up any confusion, I'd describe it as a light primer-come-BB cream. The product as a whole actually reminds me a lot of the Estee Lauder EE Enlighten cream (you can have a look at my old review with laughable-quality photos here if you like) which is a top drawer item; same glowy sheen, same subtle tint, bit of SPF each.

Have you tried any of the new picks from Rimmel? Definitely let me know if you've picked up their new gel polishes, I'm intrigued!

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