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11 March 2016 16 comments


Givenchy's Poudre Lumiere Originelle (and available here to those in the UK) is an extraordinary finishing powder.


A matte-yet-illuminating compact powder, akin in purpose to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, it provides an ethereal lightness to the face without any shimmer, sparkle or texture; think exceedingly fine, pale-pink, crushed pearls. The baby's-bottom-soft formula blends instantly on the face, you really need no skill in applying it. Once on, it melds into the skin, giving you a healthy radiance that's literally imperceptible. Rather than "Omg what's on your face?!" I get "Good god your skin looks good today".  And comments like that from what's marketed as a highlighter! I just secretly rub my hands going "teeheehee". 

Givenchy recommend sweeping it all over (and I feel bloody expensive and pleased with myself doing so, something about embossed powders from department store brands, like my Dior Glowing Gardens highlighter, does this to me.. anyone else?) or using it as you would a highlighter; cheekbones, nose bridge, you get the jist. Although it's a pale pink in the pan, I'd say it translates as translucent, so worry not about looking candyfloss-like.


Let's just all have a moment together shall we and just look at the photo above? And the best thing is that it's even more beautiful in the flesh, the embossed design being inspired by Givenchy's Haute Couture lace. 

I think the thing I like most about it (aside from aesthetics) is how good this is for oilier skins. This categorically does not exaggerate pores, like the more wham bam highlights around, and because you can set with this too, you can still get the angelic, radiant look without fearing you'll turn into an oil slick. 



Photographing this was a bitch, you should see the graveyard of failed images I've accumulated trying to accurately photograph what is essentially as obvious as a translucent powder. I've added in a photo from Escentual, where it's heavily swatched and then what it looks like on my face (although I grant you'll probably all go, 'so what am I looking at?' Hopefully you can see a smidge of the effect I've been describing? You'll just have to trust me that in person it's magical). All I'm wearing is Burberry's Fresh Glow BB and then the powder (lip is No7 Delicate Pink, I rather like it).

All the best things are limited edition so this isn't as easy to pick up as I'd like, however you can still get it here at Sephora yippee! For something similar, I'd suggest the Cosme Decorte Marcel Wanders face powders and the Guerlain Meteorites Pearls

What are your favourite finishing powders?

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