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Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2020.

29 January 2020 0 comments


F and I personally don't indulge in Valentine's Day, other than to use it as an excuse to 'do something new in the month of February' (go out for brunch, try a new restaurant, buy plants for the house etc anyone else??). I do however, really look forward to the opportunity to gift my loved ones with something to remind them they're special. So whether that be a sibling, your mother, a best girl friend or just yourself, here are some Valentine's gift ideas for her.


1. These adorable nail polishes. A lovely, milky nude and a fun heart confetti.

2. These earrings because you can never go wrong with pearls.

3. A facial or beauty treatment - here's one I'm dying to try!

4. This tortoiseshell barrette for the classic beauty.

5. A crossbody bag.

6. This fun, heart bra - maybe one to treat yourself?

7. Some beautiful pjs.

8. A dress to wear for the summer.

9. This new rose hair mist.

10. A new, classic watch - this is the one I chose and I love it.

11. La Mer - because you can never go wrong with this either!

12. A beautiful book - AD's A Century Of Style is failsafe for those aesthetically inclined.

F, in case you're reading and you do in fact want to show your love through a monetary means.. I'd be happy with anything above ;) Happy Valentines all.