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A Transitional Winter-to-Spring Wishlist.

16 February 2020 4 comments

Who's excited for Spring??

I think my short attention span leads me to become bored of each season as it comes to it's end, so now that we're out of January and firmly into the new year, I can't wait for Spring and all it's joys to take over.

And that includes a closet refresh.

You might be able to see a certain colour palette shining through in my wishlist! A mix of the usual black, white and camel/neutral tones but I've been *loving* a little Provencal/powder/cornflower/pidgeon blue - it's a shade I'm so drawn to and have no idea why it doesn't feature in my closet more, so I'm looking to add more of it this season.

I'm after the right silk shirt too but I can't seem to find one that's opaque enough for my liking. I was thinking of giving this one a try but would love to hear your recommendations. I'm also still after the pair of perfect jeans for me. Clearly I have a very challenging shape to dress.. I'm thinking something like these ones, or maybe these? And a great wide legged trouser is also on my list to find as well.

I would lovee to hear what's on your wishlist at the mo, and if you feel so inclined, happy shopping!



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