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Rattan, Wicker and Natural Woven Details For Your Home.

16 May 2020 9 comments


Dupe of this candle - more affordable alternative // Fragrance // Dome ring

Rattan home decor has recently soared in popularity, a once pricey and labour intensive item, it's now available across the highstreet.

And frankly I can see why because I personally love the stuff. If you've ever watched Death in Paradise, particularly if you're in the UK, I'm always enamoured with the colonial-style decor of some of the houses, chock full of mid-to-dark woods, rattan and wicker, off-white washed walls and classic accessories.

I've been asked several questions about my own rattan items (including the console/side/bench table pictured, which I picked up at a local store without a website unfortunately), so wanted to share some inspiration and ideas. Hope you enjoy!

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Are you as enamoured with woven details as I?



  1. I have a rattan chair in my living room and I love it.

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