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Stylish + Ethical Watches With Nordgreen: Men's Edition

15 October 2020 0 comments


I adore my own Nordgreen watch, and I shared an in-depth guide earlier in the year on choosing your own watch to suit your personal style and needs. Since that post, several of you have got in touch to ask about the men’s watches and what experience I’ve had with those. So I’m really happy to say that I’ve been able to collaborate with Nordgreen again to showcase the men’s collection and my watch of choice. Nordgreen have kindly offered my readers 15% off their cart with the code 'BARELY' - shop your perfect watch here

If you aren’t already aware of Nordgreen, they’re the makers of my own personal watch and a *reasonably* new, Danish brand that stand for classic, Scandinavian design, sustainability and quality at an affordable price. Before I hop into the men’s collection, I’d like to take a moment to share a little more on the brand and their ethics – something I support and want to highlight.

Nordgreen watches - sustainability


Because we should all be doing our bit (however small) for the benefit of our planet, I think it’s fantastic that Nordgreen are making sustainability and ethics such a central part of their business.

Watch straps are produced via environmentally friendly methods, with Italian leather if you choose a leather strap as I have, and all of the outer packaging is made of FSC-certified cardboard and upcycled felt. Both mine and F’s watches came in really minimal packaging, all recyclable and nothing over the top or ostentatious for PR, which I appreciate.

From ensuring a fair, healthy and equal working environment to lowering their carbon footprint, it seems as though they’ve thought about their ethical impact across several areas of the company’s operation. And through this, they’re allowing us as the consumer to make a difference, just by purchasing items from them.


A lovely part of the purchasing process is the Giving Back Program, which sees customers able to choose one of three global NGO’s to donate part of their watches’ purchase price to (at no additional cost to you). They’ve partnered with:

Water For Good – to help provide clean water in The Central African Republic.

Pratham UK – to support child education in India.

Cool Earth – to preserve rainforest acreage in Latin America.

With these kinds of philanthropic efforts and environmental awareness, they’re a brand that I’m really happy to get behind, and work with again. Here’s more info, as well as further details on their sustainability initiatives. 



All of the watches are of Danish design and exude Scandinavian minimalism - personally the sort of style I look for in a timepiece. The watch I’ve chosen on this occasion is going to be for F, which I’ve picked from the four available men’s styles - save on any of the designs here using code ‘BARELY’.

The Native: The most plain or classic watch face and the style of my own watch, as many of the designs are unisex. I have the smallest dial size at 32mm but a 36 or 40mm is available to suit a larger wrist. I do really really like this style, both for women and men, but I decided to go with something just a little bit different for F.

The Infinity: Very similar to the Native but with a smooth, concave dial design. Only available in 32mm, so would be suitable for smaller wrists or a very subtle, unobtrusive look.

The Philosopher: The two-piece dial offers a little more detail to the watch face than the Native, whilst still remaining hopelessly classic, simple and beautiful. The brushed metal surround gives the watch in my mind, a slightly more modern and masculine feel. Available in 36 and 40mm.

The Pioneer: A relatively substantial and chunky Chronographic dial, with three crowns. I’d say this watch has a distinctly masculine look and I particularly like it in gun metal with the matching mesh strap.



After happily faffing about with design combinations for a while (this is another aspect of Nordgreen’s buying process I particularly enjoy, as every possible combination of size/strap/colour is clearly illustrated on the website so you can see exactly how your chosen mix will look and sit), I finally plumped with the Philosopher in gold for F. It’s one of Nordgreen’s unisex watches (one I’m more than happy to nab from him!) and offers all that I love in a classic watch design, but with some little touches of detail that differentiate it from my Native watch, and make it special for him.






I went for the 36mm, the middle size, as F prefers a more subtle look. As the straps for all Nordgreen’s watches are interchangeable, I chose two leather straps, in dark brown and black – black I feel looks more formal/most classic, but he has a lovely dark brown belt that I think the brown strap would work perfectly with.

Watches are available in bundles, with additional interchangeable straps at a discount – the best way to purchase in my opinion. The straps are very easy to change but feel secure, I've had my watch for almost a year now and there's been no slackening in the pins. Treat yourself or a loved one with code 'BARELY' here.

This content is sponsored by Nordgreen. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Barely There Beauty possible.