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23 Chic French Pieces For Your Autumn Closet.

1 October 2020 2 comments


It's no surprise that a decent proportion of my closet is made up of pieces from French brands. I'm a self-confessed Francophile to start with, and a lot of the French or Parisian style-ethos speaks to my own modern-classic take on personal style. Sezane, La Redoute, Jonak, Petite Mendigote - to name but a few stores I shop at regularly. 

Whilst taking some time to compile an autumnal wardrobe, I've noticed that many of the pieces on my wishlist are from French brands, and I've mixed in some items still available online that I already own and/or have recently purchased. 

My closet has somewhat of a distinct colour palette this autumn (something I've been inspired by Audrey this year!). For me that's black, white, navy and a tonal spectrum of browns; from cream, through camel, to dark mocha. I was also thinking of adding maybe a green? Something khaki and earthy or maybe a muted emerald.

La Redoute have just had an influx of cashmere, which I'm very pleased about, and Sezane have recently dropped their Autumn collections - have a little peek at some of my picks. I hope you find something you love!