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A Transitional Capsule Closet.

10 September 2020 3 comments


I'm more interested in sustainable fashion as I get older, and as it becomes more and more easily accessible to us as consumers. But I do think that all the emphasis is on buying from 'cool', sustainable brands (often at a higher price point), which is of course an option, but maybe we're being mislead into believing it's the only one. Whether it means shopping second hand (Ebay and Depop are great sources), searching out much smaller, less well-known brands and responsibly-made items like these eco-friendly totes, or just showing your closet more consideration and buying fewer pieces, there are several ways to partake in the Sustainability movement and be a little kinder on our planet. 

Capsule closets are a great exercise to try and focus your buying as well as your personal style (here's my autumn one from last year.) I frankly enjoy just the process of creating them each season/biannually - and here's some inspiration I used for mine this time.

I've been collating a capsule closet to transition into autumn clothing, including pieces I already own, as well as new additions. I generally go about this by firstly taking a look through my closet, at items I already had from last year, or from several years ago, before thinking about what I might like to add, and how those pieces might go together. Pinterest helps a great deal with inspiration..

So here's a capsule that I've put together for transitioning into autumn.

Pieces I already own:

- navy chinos
- printed midi dress
- white Oxford shirt
- brown tote
- signature gold necklace
- taupe crossbody
- trenchcoat
- a light coloured blazer
- camel jumper
- boat neck top

Pieces I'm looking to add: 

Comfortable, black day heels - I think I just really want the Everlanes, but I am considering some other options as I've seen a few I like. 

Mock croc belt - I'm contemplating a wider, brown one to marry a top with a skirt, or maybe a thinner black one to go on the outside of a blazer, or to break up a midi dress.

Washed black jeans - something with a wider leg, not black, not grey. Currently looking at some from Toteme.

A floral midi skirt - Navy would be ideal but I'm more looking for a ditsy print and the right sort of cut for my figure - bias cut is a no go for me!

Black suede boots - A rounded-square toe and sock style, with a comfortable sized heel that I could walk around in. 

A decent white tee - It's amazing that I still don't seem to have the most basic wardrobe piece isn't it? I think I've always generally favoured shirts and blouses but Pinterest has helped me see basic tees being styled with other pieces so they don't look sloppy or so hopelessly casual. I'm currently looking at this one from Arket, which seems to be considered 'heavy gauge' and completely not see-through.

Heels with a bit of interest - the buckled sandals from The Row seem to be being copied everywhere at the moment, and Charles and Keith do a nude version. 

Brown blazer - I've tried a couple so far that have been described as 'camel' but in person are too yellowy so I think I'm looking for a bit of a darker or more muted brown shade. Zara always have good options each year so I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.

Here are a few outfit ideas I've put together. I love being able to visualise the outfits and a capsule closet makes this so fun to do - I just imported all the photos into Photoshop and I can drag and drop the items around to see how things would look together. 


Which outfit is your favourite: 1, 2, 3 or 4?


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