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10 Things That've Made Me Happy Lately #23

18 August 2019 1 comment

one. // Dahlias. I think they might be my favourite flowers. I know. It's hard to choose but I think they might be. The garden's full of them at the moment and they bring such colour, structure and form to it when other things like the peonies etc have all but fizzled out. And because they flower so late, I can still enjoy the blooms around my birthday!

two. // I had a little update of BTB's homepage design - what do you think?! I wanted to make the homepage a little more navigable and there are a few little tweaks left to make but I'm really happy with it :)

three. // The little hint at autumn we've had lately. Blustery, cool, rainy weather. Yearning for a warm drink. Wearing jumpers and jeans for what feels like the first time this year. Looking ahead at my autumn closet and seeking out some suede boots already.. Here's a quick round up, which do you think I should get?!


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

four. // Having a clearout of my beauty collection. I've far too much you understand.. it's getting out of hand. Especially now that I really don't wear a lot of skincare and makeup anymore. Not that I ever really did, but even less so now. If you saw my Stories the other day, I had a good go at my skincare cabinet (because it was overflowing) and got rid of around 70%!

five. // This dress - it's just perfect in every way. I did a whole post on it here.

six. // Actually, how my IG feed looks at the minute. I'm posting what I want to, when I want to, and trying not to take any notice of how many (or frankly few) likes, comments and follows I get.

seven. // The most perfect day in the Cotswolds - little post about some of it here.

eight. // The superbly good cream tea we had fairly recently. Perfect, freshly baked scone with lashings of cream and jam, under a parasol surrounded by garden, with nothing to do but while away the afternoon - literally what more could you ask for.

nine. // Bought some delphiniums at the garden centre - a white, lavender, and mauve-pink, they've made themselves happy little homes in the garden and are so beautiful.

ten. // The Chonkers subreddit. In the 'current political climate', it's just a little haven of joy.

What's been making you happy lately?