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Daylesford, Cotswolds.

26 July 2019 2 comments


The premise for this post is basically - I just want to share these photographs because they're the essence of a summer Sunday afternoon..

We went to the Cotswolds at the weekend (did not even realise it's only an hour away from us - I'll have to try and keep that in mind in the future!) because there's nothing quite like being in the countryside in the summertime.

Outfit Details

Toile bag (sold out! But here's one I may have worn in it's place)

Tan sandals (past season, similar here)



Daylesford is, if you've not heard of it before, the ultimate 'farm shop' for the aesthetically minded. (If you've been to one of their London outlets - imagine that on a far grander scale). Everything you could possibly want from a quintessentially British afternoon out, neatly wrapped up in a 'Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green' coloured bow, impeccably presented.






A bit Petersham Nurseries, Richmond-come-Longbarn, Hampshire.

Basically a blogger's paradise ;)

It's full of fabulously dressed women, dogs and oodles of fresh produce, baked goods and flowers.



Oh and homeware - and you'll know from a recent post how I feel about that!



I mean, it's produce displays like this that float my boat these days ;)

Daylesford has a couple of cafes/restaurants so we just had to stop for a light lunch and try their wares.



F had the teriyaki glazed chicken with courgette and bean salads.

I went for the smoked salmon, with a sort of deconstructed sauce gribiche and fruited rye - really really tasty.


And then of course dessert - pistachio pavlova. Which maybe ought to come with a health hazard warning for idiots like me, to prevent others from breaking through the meringue with such force as to send a piece of sauce covered strawberry pinging round three spots of my all white outfit before ricocheting off the parasol pole and landing on the ground like a messy but very tasty pin ball machine..

Back into the safer realms of homeware, F and I were making a pitstop before going elsewhere so I had to really restrain myself from the "I'll have one of everything" inclinations a place like that can induce. I would have definitely come away with a big bouquet of flowers - wouldn't we all?!

I did however pick up a ceramic pan, which might seem like the dullest of dishwater purchases but it's something I've been on the hunt for for a while! Oh and some local honeys, freshly made cakes and chocolate.



It's a lovely spot and I heartily recommend a visit!



  1. Gorgeous photos! This looks like such a classic country day out, love it!

    Anika |


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