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The Perfect Blue And White Toile For Your Summer Closet.

11 August 2019 0 comments


Outfit Details

Toile print dress c/o Joanie (comes in pink aswell)

Sun hat (bought in Provence)

Straw bag c/o Le Papillon Vert

I am a blue and white addict, and proud.

My summer wardrobe is generously peppered with the stuff.

I was putting away some clean laundry the other day and noticed that every hanger bore an item that was pale blue, white, or blue and white..

(Actually I lie, there was a pair a navy trousers in there - so does that put me in the clear??)

I know that toile has been all over the high street this summer, but there are some cases where it's done well, and others not quite so well..

Fortunately we've an example of the former today.





I've worked with Joanie Clothing a couple of times before (the pinafore from one of my favourite shoots and the dress I chose to wear from my birthday in Paris) I and I love the way they make clothes for all women - I really commend their cuts and choice of fabrics.

I reached out to them recently because I saw this dress and I knew - it was love at first sight.

Let me tell you for why!

If you want the abridged version:

1 - it's the most beautiful toile print, and if that doesn't make your heart sing wearing it, we can't be friends ;)
2 - it's got to be the most flattering cut and design for any shape and size (from 8-22 I believe they stock).
3 - it's made of my favourite natural fabrics that also irons/steams so damn easily.


And for the extended version..

I love how this dress is cut, and it's sweet little details. The teeny ties on the sleeves, the v neck that's not too low and can support an ample bosom. Let's make plain that it's a little snug on me - and that's because I've been eating a whole lot of cake and chocolate lately. I know there's a lot of pressure to eat healthily and not put on weight as a woman, but at the moment I need it and I've made my peace with that. And it's OK for you to also make your peace with it too if that's how you're feeling.

I digress..

The print is so charming. Darling cycling women, coastal abodes and sail boats. If that doesn't paint the perfect image of some sort of New-England-come-Amanda-Lindroth-style heaven then I don't know what does.

It's the perfect summer dress in every way.


Oh and girls, IT HAS POCKETS.

Perfect, I told you ;)

And if you haven't had enough toile, here are some more pieces, including the dress I'm wearing in pink :)


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