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6 Must Have Classic Accessories For A Capsule Closet.

22 July 2019 13 comments


A few of you have asked me about my favourite accessories, and in my effort to streamline my closet and style, I thought I'd share with you today my 6 must have pieces that every classic dresser needs!

From my dainty jewellery favourites to statement pieces you can still wear every season year on year, I hope you enjoy!

The 'PLB'

I could have easily gone for a classic crossbody or everyday tote but I think a PLB or 'Pretty Little Bag' is a great way to add personality to an otherwise very simple ensemble. There are so many options on the market, priced both high and low - I would suggest choosing something in a colour palette that works with your wardrobe, and for me personally, I really enjoy something with a lot of embellishment or detail!

I think this is the nicest little raffia bucket bag I've seen if you're after something for summer/have a getaway planned, or this white embroidered bag (so inexpensive!) - and Zara always seem to have pretty little embellished bags, like the white beaded one in my photo.

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Where would I be without tortoiseshell sunglasses? An exaggeration I know but they're one of my favourite pieces! Softer than an all black pair, I think they look especially lovely with brunette locks and a navy dress. I own a few pairs that I've bought over the years, and always gravitate towards the same style - oversized with a slight cat-eye pull at the corners.

I love the Liar Liar and Air Heart's (they're very similar if either is sold out btw) because they've got a lovely shape and aren't too expensive. I'd love to get a pair of Celine's - maybe someday - but I'm terrible with glasses and I'd be so cross with myself if they suffered the same fate as some of my other glasses before them..! I like these Mango glasses too if you're after a highstreet option.

Pearl Earrings

Maybe the most classic of them all? These are what I wear on a daily basis, as well as a pair of diamond studs F bought me.

I personally think buying quality here is best. Whether that's at a local jeweller's or a reputable online retailer. The perfect accompaniment to dainty gold jewellery like teeny stacker rings or a little gold/diamond necklace.

Beaded/Statement Earrings

Like an embellished bag, beaded or statement earrings can really easily complete the simplest of outfits - your favourite white dress and sandals for example - and I'd be a hypocrite not to include them in this lineup because I've gone a bit embellished-earring-mad this summer.. J.Crew have some of my favourite styles, as of course do Anthropologie. And these Rebecca de Ravenel ones are so feminine and beautiful if you want to splurge!

As for inexpensive options, I recently bought this pair and love them - they're quite delicate with the mother of pearl and a little bit more unusual in style - and you might have seen these on my Instagram - under £5!

Ballet Flats

The most versatile shoe in my opinion. Wear with dresses, chinos, trousers, jeans, skirts, anything you like and they never look out of place. Get the right ones and they're comfortable enough to walk in all day - and they take up very little space in a suitcase!

I think a brown pair are possibly my most must have, although I really like nude too. Always leather - the buttery soft kind, sometimes with a little block heel for French-girl-chic reasons and most often completely unadorned.

As for what I would choose/recommend; ultimate classics, The Demi's, are some of my favourites and I adore this tan woven pair and the R&B ballerinas as well.

Feminine Hair Accessories

Seeing as I do very little with my hair these days, a well chosen accessory often is the difference between looking disheveled and 'intentionally undone' ;) I'm kidding, mostly, because I usually just have my hair down and airdried or up in a bun! But I do like a feminine hair accessory, and I don't often get them from a straightforward highstreet store so I thought I'd share some favourites - Etsy is the place for me! This is one of my favourite stores - which is where the pink velvet bow from my photo is from. I also love a good alice band (they're uber trendy at the moment don't you know? ;) and recently tried this headband worn in this Insta post after being inspired by my friend Zoe! If that sort of style isn't quite for you then maybe one like I wore in this recent post?

Are you a classic accessory lover? (let me know your favourites pieces if so!) Or do you pick up new and fun pieces each season?


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