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29 Accessories To Transform Any Summer Outfit.

23 June 2019 2 comments


I think I'd describe my style as fairly classic. I generally like to collect well-cut pieces that have longevity in my wardrobe - although that's not to say I don't occasionally get sucked in by the latest trend ;)

I think where I like to experiment the most, is with accessories (although I never used to wear accessories full stop in my teens - oh how things have a-changed ;). To me, they're a fun, easy and affordable (although admittedly can sometimes cost an arm and a leg..) way to alter your outfit and add personality to an otherwise entirely simple ensemble.

Whether that's a statement earring, an embellished headband, a simple straw bag or something intricately beaded and altogether wonderful.

Here are a collection of accessories that I think will add pep to any summer outfit you're sporting this year. Enjoy!

23. Pearl sunglasses // 24. Coin necklace // 25. Straw hat (under £10) // 26. Raw edge straw hat

What accessories are you loving for the summer?