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10 Things That've Made Me Happy Lately #22

4 July 2019 2 comments

one. // This gorgeous poppy field F and I found.

two. // Tiered maxi dresses. Easy-breezy for summer, perfect to hide food babies. Some favourites below!

three. // The CookingTree Youtube channel. So quiet/calm, aethestically pleasing and a show of support for my brethren! ;)

four. // Silly things like the the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle (happy little chappy) and dancing about to the Exposed song.

five. // Ponchiki's. A russian, custard-filled doughnut. Not only the most adorable name, but super tasty too.

six. // I've been into recipes that involve piping lately. Because English strawberries are in season, Eton Mess has had a near constant presence in case BTB and homemade meringue kisses have been just the ticket! I've ordered a bunch of new piping tips too to try my hand at 'flower tarts' - excited!

seven. // Not chasing the numbers on Instagram. I've also been loving more 'real' Instagram feeds than 'aspirational' ones. Photos of empty, well-known attractions or fake flower walls and extravagant prom dresses are one thing, but a little posy of peonies or some real trailing roses would do me! Plus I dread to think how long these poor girls have to wait to get an empty shot..!

eight. // How lush and green the garden looks. One of our dahlias has started to bloom and it's just the most gorgeous pink ombre. Oh and the peas are about ready to harvest too!

nine. // We're house sitting for F's parents whilst they're away this week, so getting my hands on their giant kitchen and baking fresh bread everyday ;)

ten. // F got a new car yesterday too! A Honda Civic for anyone wondering - they have hugeee boots, which I shall be intending to fill with shopping! ;)