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3 March 2019 2 comments

The weather as I write this (subject to change..) is glorious.

I think it's going to reach 18 degrees today!

People were walking along the river yesterday in shorts and sandals. In February. All alien terms for us Britons at the moment.

And I've found myself completely eschewing winterwear as a result, and wanting to deck my wardrobe out with pastels and broderie again.

I said a lot about fast fashion in a recent post, all of which I'm going to try and stand by, but the 'transition to S/S revamp' is one of my favourite moments in my own (incredibly boring ;) fashion calendar so..

I couldn't help but to put together a little selection (didn't intend it on being a nice round 20 but there we go) of things on my wishlist. Hope you spot something you love!