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23 January 2019 6 comments


I remember when Sunday Riley first launched (around 10 years ago although it feels like 4), and I, as well as the rest of the beauty community, was rather taken with their pricey but ingredients-driven formulations.

I've tried a few pieces over the years (everyone went a bit loopy for the Luna oil, and I very much enjoyed the sample of Tidal I tried) but as Cult Beauty's Brand of the Month, I've rather fortuitously had the opportunity to choose a couple more pieces to give a good test run. So let me share with you my thoughts!


Good Genes has had somewhat of a slightly rocky journey, it's formula having to be changed due to UK legislation on lactic acid etc and so often have I resented formulation 'updates' because they've never been quite as good as the original..

The new Good Genes however is a vast improvement, I'm happy to report. It's not nearly as strong on my skin, yet still giving me a glow. As I get older, my evolving skin seems to really love, and be far more tolerant of, glycolic acid, and they seem to have struck a good balance with it here.

A milky, creamy, chemical exfoliant that'll rid you of clogged pores and dullness. With glycolic and a lactic acid salt to exfoliate and renew, squalane and prickly pear extract to tame and soothe. For those of us not blessed with naturally flawless skin, it's a great all-round product to try and clarify and perfect. I use this one in the evenings, or more like a mask before an instance I'd like my skin to look extra bright.




I've been quietly wanting to try the Juno oil since seeing Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo fame feature it on their channel. And now I wonder why I waited quite so long.

Juno has some pretty impressive contents - blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry seed oils (just think of all the antioxidants and phytonutrients in that), meadowfoam, broccoli and black cumin (yes the stuff that smells pretty unsavoury but is just so nourishing in beauty products. I'm happy to report btw that Juno has no discernible scent at all.)

And those contents translate well on the skin. It gives an immediate glow without looking or feeling greasy. And it's great to mix into foundation or your daily moisturiser to boost hydration.

We're seeing so many facial oils that promise other benefits; retinol oils, spf oils, oils that exfoliate or whatever else, but I quite like the stripped back nature of Juno. It's been around for a while and that's in it's favour. Suitable for any and all skins, it's formula focuses solely on hydration and nourishment. Which is frankly exactly what I want from a facial oil.


All Sunday Riley orders are eligible for free worldwide shipping until the end of January (yippee!) so a great time to treat yourself - I'd love to hear your results!


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