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19 Classic Spring Favourites Under £100.

24 March 2019 1 comment

I'm a bit fed up of expensive fashion at the moment.

I've been catching up with some of my favourite blogs, seeing the most beautiful recommendations, clicking the links and being met with a $750 dress or pair of heels etc. And at the moment, it just seems like I'm encountering that all the time!

I'm of course not averse to an investment piece (Celine is one of my most prized items after all!) but coughing up that sort money with any regularity for a single, solitary item of clothing irks me a little. Especially when there are so many beautiful options that just happen to kinder on our wallets, without skimping on style or quality!

So today I'm sharing a handful of my current favourite finds, all under £100. Actually, a lot of the items are far less, so I hope you find something you love!

18. Silk blouse // 19. Blue broderie skirt

There's a bit of a theme...

I can't hit spring and not want to jump into a sea of blue and white and broderie, so plenty of that.

The sort of tan, plaited slider of Saint Laurent yesteryear are around everywhere this year in a most affordable variant (the price of two decent pastries, because that's how I measure value these days). These ones are under £10 as I write this, so perhaps that's even 1.5 pastries?!

What's on your Spring wishlist anyway?