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20 February 2019 2 comments


I don't really know how I've found myself here.

Because I think the sad inevitability is that I've been swayed and influenced since producing fashion content into consciously thinking whether I've worn this before.. before shooting an outfit.

(Supremely illustrated by the above photo btw.. I think it's pretty much my recent outfits all in order. All wearing different clothes I'm sorry to say. Although if you would like to see any of them in more detail then do feel free to check out my style diaries here ;)

Celebrities seem to be berated for wearing the same outfit on different occasions, a philosophy that seems to have been instilled in young women for longer than it arguably should have. Not so for men interestingly..

And the media and magazines perpetually publish glossy editorials of aspirational fashion to entice and beguile. Which boy they do. As a style lover, it's hard to not be seduced.

And as a lifestyle blogger who blogs quite a bit about style, there's an extra perceived pressure of showcasing your wares. Having new and current items to link to. Keeping up with expectations.

Whilst fashion blogs of old used to be the girl-next-door's answer to the glossy, unrealistic and unobtainable magazine edits, they've really morphed into something remarkably similar. And I commend the steps forward blogging as an industry has taken, but that also means many fashion posts have lost a certain charm, naivety and happy lack of.. sophistication for me. Seeing real wardrobes on real bodies was something I really enjoyed, and whilst I of course love the likes of Gal Meets Glam et als fashion posts, bloggers seem to rarely publish the same outfit twice, or a collection of the same pieces more than once. And that's saddening.

And I'm writing this really because I think I'm headed too far down that route (and possibly because I'm grumpy and in pain - see previous post for more details) and it's time to row back. All the way to the boathouse perhaps.

I saw a couple of articles today titled "How I Never Wear The Same Outfit Twice" and "The Dreaded Outfit Repeat", and thought good god.. is this where we are with fashion now? Is that the sort of ethos I'm inadvertently promoting at the minute? Because so much in a blog goes without context, it's hard to paint a full and complete picture that's not susceptible of being misconstrued.

Isn't it better after all to fall in love with a piece you want to wear over and over again? And in my opinion, to invest in pieces that you'll wear and love for many years to come - that cost a fair bit more at the time maybe, but won't be things you shove to the back of your second wardrobe, or give or throw away.

Because aside from the environmental and financial impacts of fast fashion, who are these people who have this much storage?! I'm very fortunate to have the most gorgeous-but-grandiose lacquered wardrobe which takes up far more space than I'd like it to, and I'm struggling. And my collection is really the tip of the iceberg compared to some others. I could do with having another a cull. I could probably do with creating a capsule wardrobe to be entirely sincere, which might be a fun project to document on here - let me know if that's something you might like to see.

My instincts sway me towards a concise wardrobe of classic pieces, which I do think is considered 'boring' in the trend-driven fashion blogger world (for example I'll never ever be buying those giant trainers that are about lately), but, well, n'importe quoi!

Here's to seeing lots of samey fashion posts on BTB in the future anyway ;)