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27 September 2018 1 comment

I really enjoyed our time in Gordes and Roussillon. After the hustle and bustle of the markets of Aix, and our rainy encounter with Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, it was just such a relaxed time of slowly ambling around and exploring..

Let's start with what I wore for a change, because I really loved it.

Outfit details

La Redoute kindly sent me over this shirt dress and I can't endorse it enough (and it would be a great option if you can no longer find your size/warrant spending your money on this more expensive classic).

It's navy, it's perfectly tailored/structured, in a thick but breezy, quality cotton just like the best hotel bed linen haha. And it comes in both standard sizing and plus size, so no one misses out! This is a pretty summery example of styling but I'll be re-wearing this as the weather cools down, with a tweed jacket and some loafers. Versatile, that's what I like.

Whilst the sun was hot and toasty, Gordes has many little steep streets that funnel the breeze through like a windtunnel so a fine-knit cardigan made for the perfect shoulder-shield. Paired with my classic nude ballet flats and a big tote, for all those French linens and confitures to be bought obviously.

I got hungry (maybe that should be my blog's new name), so we side-stepped into a teeny bakery to pick up a snack and I left with this Mirabelle plum tart - legitimately one of the best things I think I ate this whole trip.

Onto lunch, we moseyed over to our reservation at La Bastide de Gordes. The restaurant's terrace over the valley and it's rolling landscape was just spectacular. It was desperately sunny so after a good peruse of the views, we retreated away from the edge into the shade to enjoy lunch. An heirloom tomato number for me with burrata to die for, lamb for F (with another excellent sauce) and a dessert so up my street it was if as made just for me (the main flavours of white peach, basil and yoghurt).

Our visit to Roussillon was short but sweet. With full bellies, we staggered through the red ochre streets, stopping to listen to a jazz trio play some delightfully French tunes, eventually making our way up to one of the top terraces of the village to admire the views..

I've one more Provencal adventure to share with you, and I think if honest, I've saved the best for last.. :)

And if you're interested in seeing the makeup I took with me and wore on the trip, I recently shared it and my holiday skincare in this post xx