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1 October 2018 3 comments

1. Plum Fur Collared Coat // 2. Tailored Camel Coat (comes in other colours too) // 3. Classic Tan Loafers

I suppose we've been lucky enough to have a bit of an elongated summer this year. Just as the heatwave was coming to an end, we jetted off to the south of France and by the time we came back, autumn was already upon us! Which I have to say, is delightful. Summer to autumn is probably the biggest wardrobe rehash for me - away with all the broderie and floaty dresses and hello burgundy *heart eyes*.

I've had such fun this year collating my autumnal wardrobe. I used to be so utterly conscious of what I was wearing and how it looked on my body that autumnwear was easy for me - entirely black ha. Now that I'm more open to wearing colour (and loving it), autumn fashion is even more of a delight.

Today, I've put together a little compilation of autumnal wardrobe inspiration - some pieces already in my collection, others very much on my wishlist/in my shopping basket! I hope you find something you love too xx