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25 September 2018 4 comments

A few of you asked about my makeup during our Provence trip and rather handily, it was a post I was planning on sharing regardless ;)

Whenever I go away, I like to keep my makeup really simple. Not that I frankly don't when I'm at home either.. but maybe especially so. A few, good quality, reliable staples that provide just enough primp and polish but aren't going to be taking up too much space in my makeup bag.

And let's start by talking about that makeup bag. The Lavandou Pouch c/o Elizabeth Scarlett has to be the most apt and perfect item to house my beauty arsenal for this trip (what more fitting than lavender in Provence?). It's a great size, beautifully made and the delicate little stems of embroidered lavender are the perfect decoration, stitched lovingly onto both sides of the bag too which I greatly appreciate - a little sign of quality. It's so pretty I used it as a clutch bag on our trip too!

Righto onto what's inside.

Skincare first and I really just relied on two products (plus a few little samples I had of La Mer to use up). My Fresh Rose serum is one of my most coveted pieces - I just love the texture, how light yet hydrating and pleasantly gel-like it feels. I've said it before but it's really very similar in some ways to La Mer products. A new produit pour moi is Kate Somerville's Goat Milk moisturiser. I've heard so many people wax lyrical about it and now that I've used it for a good while, I can understand. It's a lovely, light moisturiser, great for layering, and the reverse pump is a small detail but one I greatly appreciate.

Always sunscreen after moisturiser, and did we need it! My current favourite is the Soobooji SPF 50, which my skin seems to have a really good relationship with (sunscreens are always a bit funny aren't they?).

Provence was pretty toasty so I took a couple of reliable bases that wear well in the heat. The second you put on too much of Tom Ford's foundation stick, it's liable to melt right off your face, but just a little, worked in and sheered out, evens out my skin perfectly and gives a beautiful, light finish whilst allowing things like freckles etc to show through. My Etude House cushion is a long-time favourite that you'll have seen before on BTB if you're 'a regular' ;) It's so easy to touch up, lasts really well in all weathers and gives a demi-matte finish - that my natural oils and sweat seem to turn into quite a pretty glow haha.

In most of my photos from Provence, I'm wearing my ByTerry Sun Desire powder (although the Surratt blushes are just perfect for travel as they're so dinky). This seems to be marketed as some kind of setting, highlighting, all-over powder but this gorgeous pinky option is the perfect blush/sculpting-blush, the centre giving a (very subtle) pinkish sheen to your cheeks. Use with a big brush and a light hand.

I'm into a quick slick of deep brown liner at the minute, as pretty much the only thing on my eyes other than a little mascara. CT's Barbarella Brown is both the perfect shade and formula - long lasting and richly pigmented. And to finish it all off, would I even be in France if a red lip weren't on my lips for at least some of the duration? I took a sheer pinky-nude for the rest of the time but CT's Red Carpet Red was the star of my makeup show. Even just a teeny bit of foundation, liner and blush came to life with a swipe of this rich, dark red.

For what I wore during Provence, have a little thumb through our trip here :)