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24 June 2018 2 comments

Ever since Petersham Nursuries opened their Covent Garden branch, I've been excited for to try their new sibling restaurants.

But before dinner, having underestimated just how giant Doughnut Time doughnuts really are, F and I had a wander around Covent Garden first in an attempt to burn off some of the sugar ;)

Outfit details:

Navy dress, Blush pink bag (similar UK | US, and a pearly version UK | US), Tan block heels, Navy hair scarf, Black sunnies, Engraved gold bracelet.

Whilst I might ordinarily always wear some kind of trouser to London (to save my thighs..) I absolutely wanted to give this gorgeous navy polka-dot number it's first outing.

Paired with an iddy-biddy blush pink bag like this one, my favourite iddy-biddy tan block heels, and a silky navy hair scarf.

On a hot, sticky summer's day in London, there's nothing better than wearing a floaty dress and letting your legs feel the breeze but as I mentioned in my ode to being a size 14, chub rub is real, and pretty painful after a long day. SO, I finally 'invested' in these cycling shorts and boy they are l i f e   c h a n g i n g. It's going to be dresses and skirts everyday from here on out! ;)

Come dinnertime, and after a quick peek in the neighbouring Petersham store, F and I were looking for a light dinner, so plumped for La Goccia, the more informal of the two restaurants.

Their ethos is right up my strasse - A small menu of Italian-inspired cichetti or 'small plates' of fresh, seasonal produce, simply prepared. It's exactly the kind of food I love so had high hopes.

And it didn't disappoint.

Sitting outside in Floral Street is a must on a summer's day. As is booking in advance as the terrace area gets full pretty quickly, even on a weekday.

We had a bounty of simple, culinary riches.

Courgette fritti - light, crisp and joyously salty.

A classic bruschetta - made special with soft, yielding Cuore de Vesuvio tomatoes and fresh oregano.

Salt baked pollack with herbs, lemon and aioli.

The tomatoes were so good we had to order more - this time alone and unadorned but with some salt, basil and good olive oil.

F made sure we tried the pizette's and quashed his pasta cravings with the ravioli in it's rich, buttery sauce.

Empty plates all round!

This place reminds me/brings back happy memories of a place we visited in Split last year - a similar take on fresh produce prepared simply, and I thoroughly approve.

If you saw my Stories a couple of days ago, you'll already know that this little trip to London was in part to go and see Aladdin c/o in the West End, and it was brilliant! We saw The Lion King last year, which was so well done, both F and I had pretty high expectations of Aladdin - for those that haven't seen it, the scene with the unearthing of the Genie in the cave was a sparkling spectacular!

So that's two recommendations for you in this post, thank you Aladdin London for having us :)