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27 June 2018 1 comment

10 things that have been making me happy recently :)

one. // Our trip to Mottisfont. And more specifically, visiting the rose garden at the height of rose season, possibly the most dreamy garden I've ever frequented.

two. // Peonies from our garden the size of my head!

three. // Seasonal summer fruits - we're starting to get strawbs and raspberries in the garden now, and all of my favourite fruits are in the stores/markets. M&S had a wall of berries reduced the other day - mum and I picked up literally around 12 punnets - glorious!

four. // Baking and making from scratch. F and I have been doing homemade lemonade, pasta, a Korean water kimchi (which is the most refreshing thing on Earth) and fresh doughnuts lately and not only has everything been delicious to eat, I've been really enjoying the quality time together and joint satisfaction eating our hard work!

five. // Really long days, evenings sat out in the garden on the bench together with Bundaberg ginger beers.

six. // Visiting National Trust gardens when there's no one else there - case in point our recent trip to Englefield.

seven. // Gingham. Hair, accessories, dresses, shoes, tops, I've been loving the stuff lately. Some faves below >>

eight. // Laduree's geranium macarons. Can't get enough of them.

nine. // Cycling shorts! As a size 14 fashion inbetweenie, cycling shorts have been my godsend this summer. I wore them up in London all day under this dress and not a single thigh rub - so happy.

ten. // Seeing bees using the little bee house we stuck up on the wall :)

Let me know what's been making you happy lately 💕