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29 April 2018 1 comment

Does anyone else think the high street has improved greatly over the last few years?

I've been really enjoying shopping at stores such as Anthropologie (always), J.Crew and Mango lately, and there are so many good quality items available that are really reasonably priced. I've a bunch of pieces on my current Spring wishlist (let's be real, you should know I've already purchased several items ;), all of which are under £50!

1. Pearl Pansy Earrings (US | UK)
2. Tortoiseshell sunglasses (US | UK)
3. Classic Denim Jacket - A smidge over budget but there's always an offer to be had, currently 40% off!
5. Striped Ruffle Dress - I love this. Available in 2 striped shades and 2 broderie.
6. Blue + Yellow Floral Scarf - available in 22 different prints!
8. Taupe Espadrilles - I think these peep toe ones are cute too.
9. Rattan Bag - will probably sell out quickly, but this one is pretty identical!
12. Huarache Sandals - these ones are great if you want a rich brown/closed toe, and you can't go wrong with these ones at only £25!
13. Yellow Crossbody Bag (US | UK)

I'd love to know what bargains you've been loving lately :)