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6 May 2018 1 comment

I think we can all agree that there's something really fulfilling and uplifting about being surrounded by the great outdoors. Maybe it's the fresh air, feeling happily small and inconsequential when you're somewhere remote, or getting you away from yet another phone/PC screen, Mother Nature has a way of soothing our weary, digitalised souls.

And a growing number of studies are confirming that, putting forward evidence that a connection with nature makes us both healthier and happier people.

I think incorporating more nature into my life has been my favourite part of my wellness journey. I feel more creative, inspired, restful and refreshed when I do. And there's much more that you can do than simply go for a walk on your lunch break!

Here are 6 ways to incorporate nature into your life - !'ll see you after the jump break!

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

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T O U C H   +   F E E L

There's a lot to be said for the tangible aspect of nature.

All of us see some form of nature everyday, most of us make the effort to go for a walk or sit in the garden, but not all of us establish a more.. tactile connection with nature and the Earth. Potting plants, sowing seeds, touching the soil, walking barefoot on grass, dipping your toes into a hillside stream, running your fingers through some tall grasses, picking flowers and pressing or drying them, these are all ways to delve a little further into what nature has to offer and give yourself a little lift.

C O M B I N I N G   N A T U R E   +   C R E A T I V I T Y

One of my favourite ways to destress is to do something creative - it's a great way to refocus your mind away from daily stresses!

Combining a creative hobby with green surroundings is even better. I don't tend to post them on my blog/Instagram but I love taking photographs of plants, flowers, produce, and wildlife when I can manage to capture them before they disappear.

I also love botanical prints and watercolours, and sitting out in the garden whilst trying to paint a flower, leaf, stalk, stem or branch is a great way to while away an hour or so. I'm still terrible but it's a working progress!

T H E   G A R D E N

Speaking of which, getting more involved with the garden has had such a positive effect on my wellbeing, it's a hobby that I'd encourage anyone to take up! I'm really enjoying cultivating our outdoor space into something more fruitful and beautiful - the peas and beans are beginning to sprawl about their little makeshift supports, and my two peony plants are looking strong and healthy, I can't wait to see the first fluffy bloom!

If you've not space to indulge in a fully fledged country garden, I'd highly recommend bringing the greenery indoors with some houseplants. My beginner's guide takes you through some varieties that are easy to look after, and some tips on doing so - I'm happy to announce all of mine are still alive after a good few years now!

F I N D I N G   N E W   P L A C E S   T O   W A L K   +   E X P L O R E

Wherever you live, I'll bet money on the fact that you've not nearly explored it enough. I am absolutely guilty of that! We're incredibly lucky to reside in the Home Counties, which are strewn silly with beautifully green places to walk and enjoy, and I just don't do it enough. I tend to find places I like (like Cliveden and Englefield) and then visit them again and again.

Whether it's wandering off the beaten path or having a research via blogs or Pinterest, go for an explore!

F A R M E R ' S   M A R K E T S   +   S E A S O N A L   P R O D U C E

Farmer's markets are one of my favourite ways to spend both time and money. The produce is often extremely good value, always fresh and seasonal, and you'll likely find more obscure, heritage varieties of fruits, herbs and vegetables that are harder to find in the shops. Seasonal cooking is a great way to connect with nature, that's as tasty as it is beneficial for our health!

N A T U R A L ,   O R G A N I C   B E A U T Y

You can always incorporate a little nature into most aspects of your life, and that includes your beauty regimen. I always love the idea of using natural and organic ingredients on my skin, and I think what's available in that market has improved so much over the last several years. The watermelon products that I love so much, Herbivore, Mauli, Vintner's Daughter, Dr Hauschka, Trilogy, there are so many I could mention! I'll put a few of the best new favourites down below for you (I love the bronzing tint at the minute! So natural and beautiful on the skin):

I'd love to hear how you make an effort to incorporate nature in your lifestyle! And can we just take a moment to appreciate how majestic the cherry trees in this post look? F and I had so much fun shooting these photos - I think the photo with my hair all wild and unruly sums up how I felt :)

Hope you're very much enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend and lovely weather :)