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25 April 2018 5 comments

Another installment in the 10 Things series.

Meet you after the jump break for the little things that have been making me happy lately :)

one. // I can't list my happy moments without mentioning the pocket of summery weather we had this month - positively tropical!

two. // The house being restocked of Korean delicacies after a trip to New Malden *heart eyes*

three. // The little moments of conversational gobbledegook that sometimes spill out from F's half-asleep mouth ;)

four. // Stumbling upon a Laduree pop-up on a visit to Bicester yippee! I'm in love with the Geranium flavour (a sort of, floral lychee taste, just delicious).

five. // Here's one for F, also involving Bicester (and seeing his little face made me happy too). We went for a bit of a shop and a mooch back around Christmas and F was pretty interested in a couple of sweaters in Ralph Lauren (the half-zip in navy and the roundneck in the burgundy - they're a staple in his allegedly stylishly plain wardrobe ;). He ended up picking up the burgundy, leaving the navy half zip behind and I think he's regretted it ever since! So when we went back this month, I'm sure that was the single thing on his mind. We made a beeline to the RL store. After searching every rack and rail, the jumper remained elusive and F seemed visibly devastated - devolving into a grump, even when I asked if he wanted to ask a sales assistant. He didn't, he just wanted to leave - heartbroken! I told him to mosy around, and I secretly went and found a lovely young gentleman, and asked if they had any in stock. He seemed to think they did but had trouble locating them. I then asked if they had any out the back and he was kind enough to go and have a look for me. A little while later, he appeared, by this time F within my sights, expression expectant but hesitant, with a bundle in his hand. The navy half zip! Honestly his little face. I want to bottle up the little glint of joy in his eyes in my memory banks forever ;)

six. // Finding hidden pockets of countryside where the cherry trees are bursting with blossom, and I can admire them completely alone.

seven. // It sounds a little vapid, but my Instagram feed at the moment. It's currently featuring more colour, non-beauty and photographs of me smiling than ever, all of which would have historically given me all kinds of anxiety, but I'm happy with how it looks at the minute. And from a worrier and a perfectionist, that's a nice place to be.

eight. // 90's style button down dresses being a thing again.

nine. // The small plethora of bodycare PR I've had this month - perfect timing as warmer weather means legs potentially on show, which in turns actually having to shave and look after them. Because you know that winter means leaving the hair on my legs to it's own devices ;)

ten. // Bloggers. I mentioned seven Instagram feeds that are really inspiring me/I'm really appreciating at the moment on my Stories today. All accounts worth checking out:

Victoria // Krystin // Imii // Vix // Kelsey // Katy // Nishat

I'd love to hear what's been making you happy lately - wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday, whatever you're up to! (a lot of unintentional alliteration there..)