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15 February 2018 7 comments

More Korean beauty products? Don't mind if I do!

It's always exciting to find new and wonderful purveyors of Kbeauty, and today, I've another to add to my comprehensive list of favourites - one in particular for my European readers (although they ship worldwide). Today's haul comes about after Miin Cosmetics reached out (not sponsored btw), asking if I'd like to choose a few items to trial run. So let me share with you my new stash, and first impressions. Hope you enjoy!

I really wanted to try more from Aromatica's rose line after trying, and loving, their Sea Daffodil gel cream (review). Designed to brighten and quench sensitive/aging skin, the Rose Absolute cream is wonderfully rich and whipped with avocado, apricot, jojoba and rosehip oils, providing moisture to even the driest of skins. For combination skin like mine, it makes for an excellent, lazy-girl nighttime treatment if you're after a one-and-done evening product, or I dab a little around the perimeter of my face (skipping out the t-zone) as protection against the bitter wind we're experiencing lately. I've actually been using a q-tip to dab a little on those annoying flaky blemishes that are a bit too delicate to go at with an exfoliator - it smoothes out the skin in the gentlest way.

Yuripibu was another brand I really wanted to try more from, ever since trying their Artichoke Essence (review). The natural progression was to the Artichoke Power cream, a similar formula, but as a moisturiser rather than a serum. Like the serum, it's richer in texture than you might expect, but sets to a demi-matte finish, making it perfect for combo skins - in fact, using the serum and cream together is just perfect for me. There's a silicone-like feel to the moisturiser (odd as there are no silicones that I can see in the formula), which makes it excellent as a primer too.

The other Yuripibu product I couldn't resist, was their Parsley lotion. I really like this one. It's a lighter texture then the moisturiser above, which suits my skin, and my love for layering, down to the ground. Comprised of 60% parsley extract (which is high in vitamin C and not just good to eat and drink!), it promises to calm, hydrate and contribute to anti aging. I love the purity and textures of Yuripibu products - a brand well worth checking out.

I've, rather annoyingly, never properly tried Son + Park's Beauty Water, even though it's somewhat of a cult product now. A 'multitasking toner', it's sort of a hybrid between a micellar-style cleansing water, exfoliating toner and hydrating toner. I was all ready to be pretty hard on this, but the facts are, I love it! It's deliciously refreshing, with a subtle citrus-herbal scent, and seems to be really great at removing the little remnants of foundation that inevitably get left behind after a quick cleanse.

I chose the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream because I've enjoyed samples of both their Bee sheet masks and Fermentation essence in the past - the ingredients list always seems quite simple - and I'm really enjoying eye creams at the moment - I mentioned another favourite in Sunday's skincare post too. The first two ingredients of this cream are ferments, which is really nice, especially for the FTE lover! It's got a sort-of dry, primer-like feel to it too (although not drying of course), so perhaps a good option for oilier skins. And I love that it's in a tube!

And to round things off, how could I not end with a sheet mask? I've yet to try the Skin Lounge hydrating mask, but I'm loving hydrogels lately (I used this one this morning and it was delicious), so I've high hopes. Anddddd they have a very cute little headband in a couple of colours to stop any goop getting into your hair.

So what do you think? Anything that catches your eye? ;)