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11 February 2018 8 comments

Now that we're into February, it's getting ever so slightly warmer and brighter than it felt a couple of months ago, and I've taken that as a green light to switch up my skincare a little, and attend to it's everchanging needs as we head into Spring.

Even though I'm constantly trying and rotating products, there are a fair few gems that have caught my eye enough to become a regular part of my routine - some new, others just new to me - all favourites. So let's have chinwag and catch up with some of my current skincare favourites :)

Beauty Products: 

The richer textures that my winter skin called for, are too heavy for my skin at the moment, but I do tend to feel a little dehydrated, so gels and serums are at the forefront of my current routine.

I've also been trying to prioritise gentle skincare for the past several months, which seems to be particularly relevant lately so as not to irritate my bout of hormonal blemishes - I've a painful, deep-set one just under my bottom lip at the moment which is as much bizarre as it is annoying.

E Y E   C R E A M

I've a few newer eye creams on the go at the moment, one of which I'll save for my next post (2 skincare posts in a row, lucky you! ;), but I'm back on the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye c/o. I think I used it about 10 years ago (now I feel old) when it came with a little set of the serum and a moisturiser etc, and I thought I was incredibly grown up and fancy for using department-store skincare on a daily basis ;) 10ish years on and I still love it - the rich, gel texture sinks in immediately which means it's excellent for layering with other products. It's a classic for a reason.

 M A S K S   +   M O I S T U R I S E R S

Two clay masks I've been loving are Origins' Retexturising mask and the Korres Pomegranate mask, both of which are pretty easy to remove (a pet hate of mine when clay masks are a b*tch to take off) and leave my skin feeling incredibly smooth and bright. I try and use one or the other around once a week.

Sticking with Korres - as well as their mask, I love their Pomegranate moisturiser. For a gel-cream, it's quite rich, more like a normal, creamy moisturiser in my eyes, so it's a perfect transitional piece heading into Spring for me. Moisturising enough to help with dry patches, the cold, wintery air and central heating, but light enough to layer with my serums and hydrating toners, I really like it.


I've been living out of a suitcase a lot recently, which means my routine isn't as up to par as I'd like it to be. As much of a skincare lover I am, I'm becoming more and more in favour of a minimalist or capsule routine - preferring to even take a few full size favourites when travelling, rather than decant a full routine into those annoying little travel containers.

Two products have been my saving grace, so much so that I'm very much considering buying seconds so I can have one at home and one in my travel bag.

I bought the Avene Antioxidant Defense serum completely on a whim, after seeing the inclusion of vitamins C + E in the formula. I don't know quite why I've historically been averse to the French pharmaceutical brands available in Boots, but I've fallen back in love with Avene over the past 18 months or so. This serum has a delightfully.. silky texture, and I just think it's worked wonders on my skin. It's light, gentle, hydrating, and has helped with skin tone and texture a lot more than I expected - I've already recommended it personally to some of my friends.

My second saving grace is Hyggee's All-In-One serum, which paired with the Avene is pretty much all I've been using lately, morning and evening after some kind of cleanse/mask/treatment. It's deliciously viscous in texture; hydrating, and gloppy in the best possible way - it's sort of more like a watery, gel moisturiser than a straight forward serum texture. I'm very much into vitamin C at the minute too, or more, trying western formulations because I think they're finally becoming comparable to Korean ones. I've got to give a quick mention to Lixirskin's Vitamin C paste which you know I've been loving if you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug ;) - an easy, 3 minute treatment for better skin - and I'm newly trying out the Vichy Vitamin C Corrector - excited to see whether that one's any good.

S H E E T   M A S K S

I went off sheet masks for a little while, for no apparent reason, but I've a few newer additions to my collection and they're so great.

Some that I'm really enthusiastic about at the moment are these 100% kelp masks that use slices of kelp seaweed instead of a fabric or hydrogel mask, soaked in an essence made up of really great ingredients and very few fillers or preservatives (you ought to keep these in the fridge) - the first few are aloe, hyaluronic acid and honey for example. I'm already thinking about purchasing more because I feel I never want to run out!

I shared the Keeome masks in my Instagram stories recently - they're dripping in essence, I did my arms and legs almost thrice over. Definitely best for the end of the day in my eyes - I first tried it before applying makeup and going out and the abundance of essence made my foundation slip about. They're really easily available though and an excellent night time treat, so well worth a try. I've definitely been enjoying the PTR gold masks too, c/o new-to-me beauty retailer Beauty Bridge (I've just noticed stock Dermablend, whose products I'm thoroughly interested to try). These masks seem to have so many active ingredients - retinoids, vitamin E etc, and the 18 neuropeptides and peptides in the formula feature at the start of the ingredients list, rather than the end which seems much more commonplace.

My current favourite eye sheet masks are those from Nooni, which come individually packaged, which, turns out, I much prefer to the ones in a tub because they seem to stay fresh and saturated for longer.

S H O P   T H E   P O S T

I always like to think I'm able to do write a nice, concise skincare post but once again, I've proved myself wrong ;) I hope you enjoyed nonetheless and are having a superb Sunday!