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18 February 2018 4 comments

One of the things I love most about living in the Home Counties, is that there are so many areas to walk.

Woodland, heath, lakes, and all of them quite private most of the time, rather than feeling overcrowded like a lot of London - I always remember reading somewhere that Surrey had the most cars per household, and trees per sq. km - although it's such a distant memory that I fear I may have dreamt it?!

I reach for the very same uniform when going out for a country walk, especially in the weather we've been having lately. Although saying that, there have been as many bright, cold, crisp days as there have rainy, miserable ones so at least that's something. My favourite jeans, a hardy Barbour to keep out the weather and something cosy on my hands and feet.

I've been living in this jumper lately. F picked it up for me at Ralph Lauren, and it's so cosy without being suffocating. It hangs quite nicely off the boobalas too - amply-chested ladies will understand the perils of being turned into a big, wooly box by certain jumpers!

F doesn't see the point of me wearing wellies on our walks (because it's never exceedingly muddy on the paths, granted), but I never bring appropriate footwear with me, like a noob, to go 'offroad' and always end up trying to dodge the puddles and squishiest mud patches when we're exploring! So this time I donned my wellies and he snapped me standing gleefully childlike in the stream, astonished that my feet, for once, were remaining dry ;)

Incredibly, I don't think I've worn my Barbour in a blog post before (?! I'm sure you've seen my favourite quilted jacket a couple of times though ;), but it's really been one of the best investments my wardrobe has ever received. It's rugged, hardy, and can be worn with a multitude of outfits - although I'd really like to get another that hasn't developed quite so much 'patina' - this one's been with me for, gosh.. more than 10 years? It saw me through Uni, on the blustery, heart-attack-inducing walks up Cardiac Hill..

We watched a couple of young children down by the lake, enthusiastically throwing bread for the birds (more at the birds) and F waited for me whilst I crept up on a very pretty duck, trying to capture it in focus without it flapping off, before finally heading back home - of course, making the very best attempt at splishing in every possible muddy puddle along the way ;)

I hope you're very much enjoying your Sunday :) Let me know if you've done anything lovely!