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Asian Skincare, Ginvera

5 August 2015 1 comment

Asian skincare, I just cannot get enough of. (If you're new to it and stuck for sourcing or need product inspiration, check out these posts.) Their focuses, on skin brightening and perfecting draws me into buying their products like a moth to a flame..  Ginvera, a Singaporean brand, were lovely enough to let me try a couple of their 'Hero Products' to create the 'Perfect Canvas' and with taglines like that, who am I but to gladly accept?! 

Exfoliation is a key part of my skincare regime. And my preference's lie with the 'unexplainable gel kind' that have been hot to trot in Asia, where skin quality is king, for some time. (Come on Western brands! Get on it!) Ever since trying Cure Natural Aqua Gel (review), I've been hooked. Ginvera's Exfoliating Marvel Gel is the newest in my collection. A squidgy, translucent, green gel, I massage this super gentle exfoliant onto cleansed skin. 

These kind of exfoliators have no abrasive particles, nor acids, the water evaporates to allow other ingredients to create 'pieces' which gently but effectively exfoliate your skin with exceptional (and in the case with Ginvera, mostly natural; think Ginseng, Green Tea, botanical extracts) ingredients. 

Massage for a few seconds and it balls up, cleaning out your pores and taking dead skin cells and dirt with it when you wash it off. 

Hello to clear, clean, fresh skin in seconds, as simple as that. 

Now, with normal/combo/sensitive skin, I was admittedly a little irked, as I've had previously hairy experiences with green tea in skincare. I needn't have worried, as it's been no problemo, I can even use it when I have blemishes, I think it'd be a great choice for those with acne and who need a gentle exfoliant. 

It's downfalls? I wouldn't say you see immediate results. And it's not super intense like retinol for example. I'm not even sure if I still prefer my Cure Aqua Gel in all honesty. You need to stick with this for a little while, but slowly but surely, pores get cleaned out, blackheads fade and your skin becomes clearer and more translucent.

Green Tea BB Cream 40ml

I am an avid collector of skincare-base hybrids, I can't get enough of them! (This is one I particularly love.)

Let's not mess around here, this BB cream, to be frank, is ruddy, bloody marvelous. I may even go as far as to say it's the best in my hefty collection?! (I mean, this is like, Tilbury level good..)

Want to hear more?

It's emollient yet light, feeling totally weightless on my skin. Thanks to hyaluronic acid and other humectants, it's gloriously hydrating and plumping, my skin feels and looks just so god damn healthy. The finish is just divine. Perhaps against the grain but I think very dewy skin looks artificial, (which is no bad thing for certain occasions, I just choose not to exhibit it all the time!) I like the skin on my face to have a similar look as my body, and this BB cream offers just that, a velveteen, luxurious look that just looks fresh, healthy and undetectable.

'Nude' is the universal shade, a neutral-erring-on-olive undertone that's sheer enough for light to medium/tan skin tones, it melds into my skin just perfectly.

It's downfalls? All subjective. For example, this guy isn't going to work if you like matte finishes, full coverages, or have a distinctly pinky skin tone. But if you're after a light, skin-perfecting base, I urge you to pick this up!

This post contains PR samples.