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Italian Summer Fig, The Body Shop

2 August 2015 9 comments


The Body Shop are pretty well known and loved; gorgeous scents, beautiful products, and all for a steal. Whenever they bring out a new scent range, it's hard not to get excited.


Welcoming, Italian Summer Fig. I'm pretty particular with scents, erring to the side of 'light', 'fresh' and 'something a little bit different' and this, I think, falls perfectly within those boundaries. 

Italian Summer Fig is a beautiful summer fragrance, deliciously sweet, juicy, fresh and green with figgy notes and fresh wood, citrus and grassy undertones. Think.. a Southern Italian walk, in Puglia or the Amalfi coast, circa 7pm, down a cobbled staircase draped in fruit trees, to a veranda overlooking the lake, for an evening of frangelico, fresh figs and antipasti. This is the fragrance I'd be wearing. 

Thankfully, you don't just have to rely on my pensive-come-soporific descriptions, head down to your local Body Shop and breathe it in. 



The Body Butter (£13) is perhaps my favourite item of the collection. I already love The Body Shop's thick, emollient formula, which sinks in beautifully and leaves my skin plump and moisturised. They're enjoyably, quite heftily scented, yet in a light and unobtrusive way, linger on your skin for the good part of the day ahead. 


The Eau de Toilette (£18) comes in a terribly sweet, faceted glass bottle, which is small enough to pop into your handbag for topping up during the day. The scent wears beautifully and mixing with my skin oils, produces this dreamy, heady, almost-androgenous 'boy' scent - I'm sure you girls know what I'm talking about.. which I must say I adore. I've had a lot of people ask me what I'm wearing with this one, claiming it's rather intoxicating!



The Fragrance Mist, in layman's terms, is a lighter version of the perfume. You can use it on top of the lotions/perfume as a layering item, or as I prefer, as a room spray.

The soap-free Shower Gel lathers up into a lovely, milky cleanser. The scent is much less prominent with this one, which I can't say I'm upset about. 

I personally prefer a richer texture, but if the Body Butter is a little too rich or heavy for you, the Body Lotion may be your new best friend. The same lingering scent within a lighter, less viscous formula, this one slips on beautifully for a light, non-sticky, summer-style moisturisation. 

Stand out pieces? The perfume and body butter. Overall? A delicious new fragrance range that's effective, tasty and affordable. 

Will you be picking it up??

This post contains PR samples.


  1. It looks and sounds like a gorgeous new range - I definitely want to try it! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. This sounds so lovely, I may have to go down to my local store and have a sniff! xx


  3. Thanks for your link on twitter.
    Wow the body shop have upped their game, that packaging looks devine! Can't wait to give this a go x

    Chloe //

  4. This looks like such a lovely set. I'll have to go and have a smell in store xx
    Glossy Boutique

  5. At a first glance I didn't think these were from the body shop! I'm hunting these out tomorrow they look wonderful
    Lisa xx

  6. Super Happy, like the tingle and smell. (BLACKWOOD FOR MEN)

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