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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

1 June 2015 1 comment

I'm forever on the look out for the perfect base. One that perfects your skin and is undetectable, whilst feeling comfortable and weightless. Bare Minerals have offered up their Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream and like a moth to a flame I've been drawn in yet again.. If you're a junkie like me, check out my EE Cream Review.

To be honest, I'm surprised it's taken this long for a good gel-textured base to go mass market. The tinted, water-based cream (give it a good shake before use) blends effortlessly onto the skin and sets to the perfect velveteen finish, the epitome of 'your skin but better.'

Available in 10 shades with all hues of undertones covered, it'll be easy to find your shade. I picked up Buttercream 03 (which makes me hungry everytime I see the name!) but could easily wear Ginger 06, the next shade up with a yellow-y undertone.

The coverage is sheer but it's easily build-able to light to medium level whilst still looking incredibly natural. It'll show blemishes and imperfections so it really looks like you're wearing no makeup at all but spot-concealing those areas allows the rest of your face to still look deceivingly bare.

Now for the scienc-y bit.

Complexion Rescue has a fab new formulation that sets it apart from traditional tinted moisturisers. The pigment is surrounded by water instead of water surrounded by oil and pigment, meaning it's super hydrating and absorbs readily into the skin. There's no greasy residue, no oiliness and no excess shine.

35ml of product in a tube and a decent level of UVA + B protection (SPF 30) makes it all the more desirable!

If you're after the ideal 'no makeup makeup', skin perfecting, natural, sun protecting base, why not pick this up? I guarantee it won't disappoint.