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Spring Skincare, New Finds & Reviews

18 May 2015 0 comments

It's always good to roam off that metaphorical beaten track in whatever you do, and that goes for skincare too. I love to try new brands and products in the search for relatively unknown gems.

This is a fantastic cleanser. It's super creamy and full of delicious ingredients that are great for your skin such as rosehip, avocado, jojoba, horsetail, burdock, nettle etc. And the added bonus of no nasties. I love this unconditionally and it makes my skin feel thoroughly cleansed, plump and moisturisered after use. A must have.

I've always been tempted by Sampar (3 Day Weekend anyone?) but never bit the bullet until now. This is a really light, refreshing serum that adds radiance to the skin which I very much appreciate. The applicator nozzle is pretty annoying as it's not the most clean dispensary method but I think I can overlook that as the product is more than decent.

 Natural, organic, everything I like to hear. A milky cream with teeny micro-exfoliating particles, I use this on dry skin and gently buff around. Acai extract, delicious oils, it leaves my skin feeling gently exfoliated. And a very sweet little wooden lid on the tube.

I adore this serum. Jam-packed, full to the brim, overflowing with antioxidants, botanticals and natural extracts, it's tempting to have this on my face at all times. A loose consistency that seeps right down into the skin extremely readily, a definite repurchase and I highly recommend you nab this if you can get your hands on it.

If you love the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (and quite frankly, who doesnt?!) you need to try this. Bioactive complexes, Peptides (yes!) and Pineapple and Papaya enzymes gently resurface the skin to make it baby-bottom smooth. If you're after a dirt cheap equivalent, try my DIY Pineapple/Papaya Peel.

What are your favourite new skincare finds???