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Hair Journey | GoldCrush Supplements Before & After

11 May 2015 3 comments

If you've been following my Hair Journey, you'll know I've been using GoldCrush hair vitamins for a couple of months now. Check out my initial post to get the low down and then read on for my results...

I'm a firm believer that topical lotions and potions just won't have the same kind of efficacy as changes you make from within, so I had pretty high hopes that my GoldCrush vits would produce some kind of positive results, assuming I could stick it out with them and stay consistent!

I won't keep you in suspense: I'm happy to announce my results have been good.

Before: loosely curled, ends cut blunt

After: air dried and left natural, ends feathered

The most obvious observation has been the speed of growth. The average rate of hair growth is around 0.5 inches per month. I've been taking the supplements for 2 months and have achieved growth of almost 4 inches; pretty amazing.

The other thing I've noticed, which makes me arguably more happy, is the appearance of lots of new baby hairs around my hairline. It's one thing to create quicker growth in existing hairs but to promote new growth for someone who's suffered/is suffering from Telogen Effluvium is getting towards indescribable.

In summary, for me, it worked. It's no miracle cure to hair problems; I really feel like hair loss and growth is a tedious, challenging and hard journey but I'm in it for the long slog and I'm happy to say I feel like I've found a 'hair-friend' in GoldCrush supplements.

Have you tried hair supplements?

 If so, what were your experiences?


  1. WOW okay - I had no idea what Telogen Effluvium is and I just looked it up and I am now wondering of that what I suffer from? How do you become diagnosed?


  2. Hi love, it's a stress related hair loss and you can go to your GP and be referred to a trichologist or go privately. I'm lucky in that one of my doctors worked in Harley St specialising in hair. Hope this helps! xx

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