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Modern Classic Jewellery Essentials.

10 January 2021 0 comments



Whilst I’ve never been a huge jewellery wearer (I just found it most comfortable without), I did indeed dabble in costume pieces, and didn’t really have a ‘style’ when it came to jewellery. As I’ve aged, and I’d like to think my personal style in general has become more refined, I’ve streamlined my once messy and haphazard jewellery assortment into a more concise, collection of classic essentials. Whether it be some lovely demi-fine stud earrings, pearls, or special, sentimental and one-off pieces, read more for all that I consider a must-have and worthy modern-classic jewellery essential.


The Every Occasion Necklace

I love a small, gold pendant and chain. If it could have some meaning or sentiment, all the better. And I don’t particularly like to spend too much on these – as I consider them an everyday piece and I frankly don’t want to be too upset should I misplace or damage any (nearly lost one in a field this summer for example). I have four or five of note. For example Agape’s Gaia necklace, symbolising growth, strength and deep-rootedness, or my Lavender pendant by Daisy, holding all the memories of our Provence trip a couple of years ago, and last summer spent in the fields.



Definitely difficult to discuss classic jewellery without the mention of pearls. They’re a mainstay of any classic collection. Mejuri recently kindly gifted me their pearl necklace, made of 14k gold and beautiful freshwater pearls. It’s small and dainty, which is my personal preference. I’ve also picked up several pairs of pearl earrings along the way – from my teeniest of plain studs, to some teardrops or little pearl hoops. And most precious of all, the pair that F gave me for our anniversary :)


Dainty Earrings

I just love the look of particularly small studs. Teeny tiny diamonds or little pearls - extra dainty and delicate. Aurate gifted me a pair of little pearls a couple of years ago, which I love and I bought a pair of little tiny diamond earrings from a jewellers in Oxford and they’re such perfection – I’ve linked some similar ones below. The little hoops on the left are the Star Hoops from Rosy Collective and they're so sweet. Incredibly affordable too.


Blue and Gold

Blue is my personal preference, but any little dash of colour is a lovely classic to include in your collection. Whether it’s deep garnet red, or the glorious green of emeralds, I love to include a few coloured stones as well as enamel pieces – the latter still giving a beautiful effect but are broadly more affordable. I picked up my favourite pair of enamel earrings (above) in Portugal, although rather annoyingly I can’t wear them as often as I’d like because the extra high-carat gold is so soft. I should have picked up more, but as I didn’t I’ll be saving them for special occasions :)


Because, for me, watches span the ‘jewellery-accessories’ gap, I’m going to include them here at the end. You’ll know my favourite I’m sure – I love my Native with it’s interchangeable straps. I’m also feeling rather partial to the Cartier Tank Solo, but running into the thousands, is it worth it?

Shop my collection and some pieces on my wishlist below, and let me know - what is your most treasured piece of jewellery??

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