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The Wholly Chic Beauty Accessories I'm Enamoured With.

13 December 2020 2 comments


Nuori recently launched their new line of luxury accessories and I have been dying to get my hands on it since.

They were kind enough to send me a few of their skincare pieces to try earlier in the year and there’s a lot about their ethos and aesthetic to love.

For those unfamiliar, let me share a little about the brand and their beginnings first:

Founded in 2015 out of the experiences of owner Jasmi Bonnen with product shelf life and longevity, Nuori aim to buck the more traditional industry-wide standards of long expiry dates and preservative-filled formulations by freshly blending small batches every 10-12 weeks and investing in distribution and premium packaging that reduces exposure to air, light, bacteria and mould.

There’s a lot more detail on their fresh skincare ethos here if you’re interested in reading more, but.. I’m itching to introduce the accessories so without any further hesitation.



Look at them in all their chic, minimal glory.

Designed in collaboration with creative agency NR2154, Nuori’s new accessories have been subject to an awful lot of thought and attention. Their two year design and product development process has finessed over every detail, with the aim of producing sustainable pieces with a modern-yet-classic aesthetic and superb craftsmanship – if you’re looking for something of quality to treasure for a long time, I think you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

I personally loved seeing a snippet of the colour selection process – these moodboards are incredibly visually appealing.. A dip into nature and Nordic cultural references has resulted in four meaningful hues – Neutral, Rose, Ocean and Black, of which I plumped for Neutral.

A concise range of beauty cases and hair combs – let’s start with the Detangling Comb.



You may well already know of the circumstances surrounding my hair, but I have an ongoing ‘relationship’ with hair loss, which has not only resulted in hair shedding, but a difference in texture and condition of the hair that’s managed to stay put on my head. This ultimately means having to be more careful in the hair tools and products I use.

The benefit of a wide-toothed comb (for all hair types) is perhaps no surprise, so I was thrilled to see Nuori having produced such a beautiful one.


Made of cellulose acetate (supplied by a high-end Italian firm whose materials go into making some of your favourite sunglasses) this comb is incredibly smooth and tactile, with hand-polished teeth. Rather than using less sustainable plastics, the cellulose acetate is made from FSC/PEFC-certified wood pulp from common tree species such as pine and birch. Amazing that wood pulp can be crafted into something quite so chic and beautiful.

I definitely see less breakage when using this over a hairbrush.

Arriving in beautiful, faux leather cases, the Dressing Comb is also available for finer styling such as a fringe.



I have been after a suitable cosmetics bag for a while now, and have finally found the answer in Nuori’s Getaway Travel Case Set.

A set of two nesting cases (so perfect for storage when not in use), each are made from a faux, vegan-friendly leather, lined with canvas, and in the case of the transparent bag, clear TPU.

Although cow hide is a less sustainable material, I am personally a fan of the feel and quality of leather, so was hoping these bags wouldn’t look or feel inferior in any way. Happy to announce they don’t, they feel perfectly pliable, buttery, luxurious and lovely - in fact I wouldn’t have suspected it wasn’t a leather. They also have slippery-smooth zips – sticky zips are a personal pet peeve of mine.



The larger, opaque bag contains some elasticated strapping in the lid for accessories and is wholly suited to holding your prized skincare and cosmetics, whilst the smaller, transparent bag was designed with air travel in mind – because hands up who has dutifully packed their cosmetics, only to tip them out into a cheap, flimsy clear plastic pouch at the airport? (My hand is clear in the air here).

There's also the Sideway Travel Case Set - another beautiful variation on a beauty bag duo, this time magnetised together.

Should it not already be apparent, I’m really enamoured. This post was a joy to write and shoot, and I just love the amount of consideration, time and thought that’s been lovingly poured into the line. The result is beautiful.

Whilst this post isn't sponsored, Nuori have kindly given my readers 10% off their order with the code BARELYTHEREBEAUTY10
- shop the accessories range here.