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The Must Have Pieces From My Highstreet Brand Crush.

31 May 2020 2 comments


H&M are doing some thoroughly good work at the moment. There are so many items on my wishlist.

I often think they're actually quite underrated. They've had their faults (terrible sizing) and there's a lot of bulk to sift through, but their clothing tends to be priced accordingly with quality (that's a personal gripe with Mango for me for eg), and I've found many a gem among their virtual racks.

Their S/S releases are just hitting all the marks for me this year:
- there's a considerable amount of blue and white, including the little top I'm wearing above.
- their Conscious line makes it easy to shop a bit more sustainably.
- there's an awful lot of affordable rattan for the home, which you know if you've read this post, I'm absolutely a fan of.

So let me share with you some of the pieces on my own personal lust list, starting with style.

And of course the homeware section has my attention just as much as clothing.. H&M have great affordable linens and rattans if you're ever in the market. Here are some of my picks.

What are your thoughts on H&M and their current collections?