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Simple, Sunkissed Makeup Without The Sun.

9 July 2019 1 comment


After my obligatory stage of applying heaps of fake tan during college (oh to be 17..), I found myself eschewing all things 'bronze' as soon as I hit university - recoiling at ever immortalised images of my own brown-tinged palms and my friends' glittery, bronze cheeks..

Come 2019, and with the help of vastly improved products, I'm dipping back into some bronzed, summer goodness. Because as much as I've tried to stay out of the sun for the last few years (the best anti-aging tip I can give you!), I can't deny I do feel better in myself with a bit of colour.

So in step the new arsenal of beautiful, glowy, dare I say it bronzey summer favourites - I hope you enjoy!



I'm starting things off today with some pieces from Bali Body. Since seeing them on Stacey's Instagram (how could I not be tempted when she's advocating them - she's gorgeous!) I've been keen on the Shimmering Body Oil and BB cream - and Bali Body kindly sent them my way to try.


Their Instagram/aesthetic is very much made up of uber-bronzed girls with Barbie-like figures, which can seem unachievable and really quite intimating, but I want you to know their products work just as well for the Everygirl like you and I too! As you quite possibly know, I like very lightweight bases, and the BB cream gives just that, whilst staying on the more natural-matte side - perfect for oilier skins and hot/sweaty weather - this is going to last you all day (I have shade Natural for reference). The Shimmering Body Oil is beautiful! It's definitely more than just an oil. It gives a very natural colour (the hue/tint is just perfect so it doesn't look too grey/orange/dark/green), without being at all overwhelming, smells lovely, sinks in to the skin readily and blends well - I just smear a little on with my hands, making sure to wash them afterwards - no tinged palms in sight!


They also sent over their Tanning/Body Oil which I don't use to tan but it's a lovely leg moisturiser.

Two pieces of skincare that I'm using to help with my summer glow are Caudalie's Vinoperfect serum and Evolve Beauty's Miracle mask (more on the brand here) - the former a refreshingly fruity serum that boosts radiance, the latter my favourite, mildly exfoliating mask that brings out your skin's natural glow.


I tend to reach summer and immediately want to pare back my makeup routine even more than usual, so all the steps from here on are going to be extremely simple and minimal.

A subtle, creamy, dewy highlighter perfectly picks out cheekbones and high points of the face, which I just dab on with fingers. Just as I do my favourite cream blush too. Especially in warm weather, I feel cream products meld so beautifully with the warmth of your skin and look seamless and beautiful.

I always come back to my Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders - Dim Light and the bronzer are my failsafes for summer and give a natural, glow and colour whilst keeping oil at bay.




A bright nail and lip colour always feel summery to me, and look great of a summer evening when you're not wearing any other makeup. Although frankly, I tend to gravitate to my favourite lip balms! I think the M&S nail colours are vastly underrated! Their argan polishes go on so smoothly and last a good while. And a rosy coral lip, hot pink or classic red always finishes a face if I do want to veer from my usual tinted balm - I love the Rosie lippies, a classic formulation and great colours.