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4 November 2018 3 comments

Oh look, another tweed jacket!

I've been wearing them seemingly non-stop lately (like this post, and another here), but with good reason because they're just the perfect piece for this inbetween-y weather we've had lately (although saying that, it's pretty bleak and brisk outside as I write this, and I've just been out in a coat and scarf!).

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

Wool skirt (Boden past season, current season, similar, similar shape)

Burgundy bucket bag (love this, and so very affordable)

Burgundy loafers (similar)

Whilst I will give a quick mention to this blazer in particular (gorgeous brown hues for a shade under £50!), today's post is more about it's print.

Tartan, check, plaid, whatever it is you prefer to call it, it's seemingly my favourite pattern of the moment - my wardrobe seems strewn with the stuff!

Whether a delicately subtle, tonal version, or something which a bit more punch and colour, it's the most versatile of prints that'll see you through autumn and winter with style.

I'm particularly fond of tartan (for the sake of this post, that's just what I'm going to stick with from here on in) skirts, whether they be a classic A-line like this one or pleated and kilt-like. And of course who can resist a tartan scarf? (I've my eye on this Johnstons one next). One with a bit of colour is the perfect way to add interest to an otherwise entirely plain outfit.

And I've some other tartan favourites to share, to showcase it's versatility - I hope you find something you love!

These shots were taken in Paris by the way, if you're following our latest trip and thought the backdrop looked familiar. The Jardin des Tuileries is one of my very favourite spots in the city, although the ground doesn't half have a way of coating everything you own in a thin blanket of pale grey dust. I took my shoes off later to reveal little loafer-shaped stencils on my tights ;)

I'm liking burgundy loafers at the minute by the way. The little tinge of red/purple stop them being as stark as black. Another pair to add to my ever growing collection ha!

Helpfully just next-door to the park, is Angelina - the Parisian patisserie and purveyor of the most delicious, French-style hot chocolate which I feel I've had a reawakening for. You can buy jars and tins of the stuff to make your own at home so we picked up a few, as well as their delicious, glazed croissants and several of their patisseries - a pear and meringue number was my favourite and absolutely divine.