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10 August 2018 3 comments

Whilst I'm not saying that I couldn't wear denim hotpants, tiny camisoles and skin-tight summer dresses if I wanted to (it's your life and your body, wear what you like), my body is frankly not made in such a way that certain clothing styles and my comfort levels don't clash horribly..

And although I try to exhibit a general trend towards being somewhat stylish and put together, I am The Comfort King.

In my time, I've pretty much been every size under the sun, from a gaunt, slip of a girl, to a round, Rubenesque figure. And I suppose that, and my sheer detest for exercise, has left me in no way taut, nor toned - giving the hot, humid weather potential to be incredibly uncomfortable.

Today I'm sharing some of my go-to pieces and styles that I covet when the warmer months come around, as well as a few tips to surviving summer in both comfort and style.

Outfit details:

Swing chambray top (currently on sale)

1. Midi skirts

I'll take midi over mini anyday, mainly because they're the ideal length to hide some cycling shorts underneath - plainly my most favourite item of clothing during summer! I wore my pair under this dress for an entire's day trekking around London in the heat and not a single sign of chaffing to be seen.

2. Wide leg trousers

If in linen, all the better. Easy, breezy, and exceptionally comfortable if you don't want to trifle with either inner-thigh-rubbage or cycling shorts. M&S do a positively inexpensive linen pair that I adore (that F fondly calls my 'pantaloons').

3. Natural fibres

Probably in general, but especially during summer, I'm always scrutinising clothing labels for natural fibres. Cotton, linen, silk, or a light chambray like my top in the photos (even semi-natural viscose and rayon) are lovely and light for warm weather. A viscose smock dress is the stuff of summer dreams! Polyesters and nylons = sweat, so I tend to steer clear. Gap and J.Crew are my go-tos for cottons, and Monsoon and M&S do great, affordable linens.

4. Flutter + ruffle sleeves

As I'm not a lover of the tops of my arms, a ruffle-y sleeve is the perfect way to disguise a little upper-arm flubber whilst keeping cool. Not to mention I love the way they look.

5. The one piece

There was definitely a time when I was in my teens and more impressionable, that swimsuits were seen as the 'dowdy beach option', for mother's or for sports in our unripe, teenage minds. Fortunately these days, not so! Many one-pieces are utterly elegant - I picked up a polka-dot navy number for holiday that I adore.

6. You decide

As I briefly touched upon earlier on, it's your body and your choice, dress how you wish. I hate the idea that anyone has to feel apologetic enough about their body to cover up and suffer the warmth (something I've often heard being said by the countless number of 'perfect body' Instagrammer's which I suppose dilutes it's meaning a bit for me..). If you feel most comfortable in short short's and a bandeau, I urge you to wear it whatever size or shape you are. And if you like to cover up a little more then I hope you've found something you love from my suggestions!