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4 August 2018 3 comments

Quite possibly my very favourite city in the UK, Bath has a special place in my heart.

Full of beautiful, classic architecture and independent stores, I look forward to coming back every time, no matter how soon after the last visit.

Whilst there's an Instagrammable spot around almost every corner (not an exaggeration), some are more well known than others. I'm sure you'll all have heard of the likes of the Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey (beautiful in their own right) but today I'm sharing some of the recondite spots, gorgeous little streets, quaint little eateries and lesser-known riches the city has to offer.

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1. The Circus

If you've ever been near-ish Harley St, London, there are some beautiful crescents and circles of just gorgeous Georgian houses/flats, and The Circus is Bath's equivalent. Less busy and more shaded than the Royal Crescent, it's well known but one to put on the list regardless.

2. Margaret's Buildings

Take a turning very near the Royal Crescent and you're likely to stumble upon Margaret's Buildings, a small street of independent stores with pretty, painted Georgian frontages - perfect for a quick 'outfit of the day', just a stone's throw away from the crowds of bustling tourists.

3. Pickled Greens

Whilst I do miss The Foodie Bugle that used to stand on this premises, Pickled Greens has done it's utmost to fill that hole in my heart. An adorable, family-run cafe (the owner's baby who often makes an appearance is just the cutest, babbling jolly nonsensicals) specialising in local food, homemade baked goods and natural wines. With a happily dischordant arrangement of mismatched tables and chairs, on old, knotted wooden floorboards, it's a dreamy space to while away and hour or two.

4. Pulteney Bridge

Whether it's from the Grand Parade, or down by the riverside, I defy you not to want to take photos of this gorgeous bridge and the higgledy piggledy hillside behind it (if you can manage to get down here really early in the morning, on a mildly wintery day, I think it looks especially stunning). And there are treasures on the bridge itself. Pulteney Bridge Flowers and Found are but a couple I'd recommend, the former a great spot for quick, flower-filled Instagram pic.

5. Milsom Place/Anemone

Whilst there's more to Milsom Place than Anemone, you probably don't need me to pretend that it's not this gorgeous florists that doesn't always catch my eye. With the same owners as Pulteney Bridge Flowers, they've that gorgeously frilly, wild-flower look to their bouquets that I love. A must for the fellow flower-lover.

(I'd definitely recommend a visit to True Grace (beautiful fragrances) and Vom Fass (fruit vinegars!) whilst you're there too).

6. Boston Tea Party

There are two Boston Tea Party's in Bath and it's specifically the one on Alfred St I mean. I feel they've a habit of housing their cafe's in extraordinarily charming buildings - I've fond memories of taking my studies down to the Exeter BTP, situated in a gorgeous, lofty Georgian townhouse. BTP Alfred St is a light, airy space, decked out with hanging plants and most likely bustling with happy brunchers. A few of the tables are a light marble (always a good brunch background choice), the homemade cakes we had were delicious and F assures me they make a mean coffee.

7. Topping & Company

If you don't find a certain magic about being surrounded by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves overflowing with books then I don't think we'd get along ;) Whilst Topping & Company isn't a particularly large store, it's absolutely not short of charm and a certain beguilement (and besides, it has wheelie ladders so you know it's a 'proper bookshop' ;)

8. Streets around Kingsmead Sq

There are so many pretty streets around Bath, including if you start to head out of the centre, but I'll just give you a gist to some central ones I love. Whilst Kingsmead Square is a little, hustley-bustley hubbub in Bath (bars/cafes/pubs aplenty), there's a small abundance of quiet, gorgeous streets coming off it that are perfect for photography - especially fashion or lifestyle shots.

9. Streets around The Abbey

The Abbey is another great place to scout out gorgeous streets, particularly if you're into architecture. The buildings on York Street have some exquisite details if you look up, and there's an unnamed little street really close to Sally Lunn's that's often very quiet and great for fashion photos again.

I'd love to hear the places you love in Bath - and hope that if it's your first time visiting, that you fall in love with it just as I have.