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23 May 2018 4 comments

I've seen countless articles and tutorials on acquiring that ever coveted glowy skin look, but nigh on all achieve it with the hefty use of highlighter, bronzer and luminisers - completely fair game but I'd ideally like my skin to emit it's own glow without the use of makeup.

And I often get questions on how I go about it, so today, I want to share exactly that!

How to achieve a lived in, natural, subtle summer glow, for face and body, without an item of makeup in sight.

Meet me after the jump break and I'll share all my secrets ;)


Cleansing is always a good place to start and whilst I switch around my cleansers (don't we all as bloggers?), I always circulate back round to the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish because I find it wakes my skin up and gives it such a glow without looking greasy. It's a cult classic for a reason. I use the muslin cloth to really buff off the product and get the circulation in my face going. I always chase that with a really generous spritz of Caudalie's Beauty Elixir, to keep the hydration in my face after cleansing - it's the perfect spray and perfect formula.

Onto exfoliants and serums, I think the two products I'm about to mention possibly have the most noticeable effect as far as glowing skin in concerned, so if you buy any two from this post, make it these!

When the Blithe Splashing Mask first launched, it seemed revolutionary (I've done a whole review post about it here). A treatment that takes 15 seconds in the shower? It was the perfect lazy girl's addition. Some time later and I'm still here raving about how brilliant I think it is - the yellow, brightening option for our case and purpose. Splash on, rinse off, instant gratification.

Another incredibly easy but effective, light, chemical exfoliant is the Neogen Wine Gauze pads. And I just adore them. They're incredibly gentle and hydrating, and give your skin an immediate glow - I think I'm on my third tub of these. I saw Victoria Donelda saying she cuts them in half because they're giant and are soaked in so much essence, a great tip and I might start doing the same.

For serums, a good vitamin C serum is a must for me, for many reasons beyond encouraging my skin to glow. I suffer from acne scarring (any new blemish will leave a scar), and vitamin C is my weapon against that. The Vichy Vitamin C serum is surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting too much but it seems potent enough to work, gentle enough for my skin.

Another vitamin serum, that I personally think is comparatively a) unheard of and b) underrated is the Iunik Propolis serum. It contains 70% propolis and 12% sea buckthorn extracts to encourage a bright, clear tone and give your skin vitality, wrapped up in a gentle, natural formula that's deliciously viscous in texture.

Masks. There are countless I could mention. My old, old favourites of the Oskia Renaissance mask and REN Glycolactic, Tata Harper's Resurfacing mask, the Origins Rose Clay mask, but, I wanted to share a little known favourite in natural brand Andalou's Pumpkin Honey Glycolic mask. Mildly tingly, this puree-like paste gently resurfaces and softens. It's ingredients list is largely natural, organic and fair trade, and I think speaks for itself - I'll list off the first several ingredients for you: pumpkin puree, aloe vera juice, sunflower oil, glycerin, manuka honey, pineapple juice, pectin, glycolic acid, sodium hyaluronate - that was enough for me to purchase!

I've got to include my beloved Keeome sheet masks as they're dripping in essence and just make my skin feel so good. I was orignally gifted these by Feelunique but have since bought many more! I've been using the Nooni Radiance Eye masks under my eyes too - unlike some other hydrogel eye masks I've tried, I love that these are individually packaged to stay fresh for longer. These two are both just superlative sheet products.

I'm going to bend my no-makeup rule ever so slightly to slip in one little makeup hybrid - the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow. I did an entire review with Before + After here if you're after more info but this is the perfect product from Spring to Autumn in my eyes. It gives next to no coverage, but just a tiny hint of natural, believable tan, and smoothes my skin out as a good primer would.

B O D Y (-ody, ody)

I absolutely neglect my bodycare routine but I'm trying to be better with it this year, and I've got some wonderful products to help me!

I think everything started with the L'Occitane Almond Shower oil - it just makes showering such a pleasant experience! I'm hooked and nothing else will suffice at the minute. I use it to shave my legs too as it's lovely and moisturising for my poor, dry lizard-legs.

I've had some lovely items sent over fairly recently, that make up a large portion of the rest of my routine. I'm chopping and changing between Caudalie's Divine scrub and the Mauli Reawaken scrub - both smell and feel divine, and have that wonderful emulsifying quality of a good quality scrub, where the granules melt down and turn all milky. I've been a huge fan of the Mauli hair oil for a while, and their Reawaken range of scrub, Hand & Body wash and Lotion feel really lovely and natural-yet-luxurious, and smell citrusy and divine - they're available here at Net A Porter too yay! The scrub is a new addition to the Reawaken team and boy, it's oily, opulent, effective, just a joy to use.

Another couple of moisturisers I love using are the Malako Body Butter Balm, mentioned in this year's Spring Favourites, and Caudalie's Divine Oil. The former is a rich, creamy moisturiser so I save it for my drier areas - shins, ankles, elbows etc, and has a beautifully heady scent of peachy blossom and frankincense. The latter I add to my shins, shoulders and decollete for an extra glow if I'm off out for an evening - I love that it comes in a spray bottle, so convenient!

I'm not a fake tan person (I had that phase when I was around 18 and it's put me off!) but I can't deny that I feel better with a little colour, and as I'm always endeavouring to stay out of the sun, my legs especially are deathly pale! The only self tanner that I think is easy enough for me to use is the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold oil. Aside from the fact that it smells pleasant and not like an overbaked biscuit, it's streak-free everytime, desperately easy to apply, and just gives a subtle, olive glow to paler areas that don't match the rest of my body!

The last body item that I think helps with giving your skin a glow is a dry brush. Mine is this one from Elemis, and really helps to increase blood flow and circulation. I brush in long sweeping motions towards the heart before a shower - it feels particularly great on the backs of your legs and around the booty area!

Honourable Mention

I definitely think the secret to an inner glow does start on the inside. I notice my skin especially suffering if I don't drink enough water, and skimp on whole foods, fruits and vegatables. I'm frankly rubbish at taking supplements, but one thing I can get behind is the HUM Raw Beauty powder c/o. It comes in a few, pretty tasty flavours (considering I hate the tastes of both unadulterated green powders, and artifically flavoured powders) and is chok full of greens, herbs, phytonutrients, fiber, fruit and veg, probiotics, enzymes, superfoods, and antioxidants - I was pretty impressed by the label on back of the tub. You can add it to milk, a smoothie or overnight oats for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

And there we have it! Your lived in, sans-makeup summer glow, sorted.

I'd love to hear your secrets on achieving a glow from within!